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Reducing downtime and maintaining compliance

Sites are sometimes overtaken by environmental emergencies, often needing a solution in place within days, if not hours; and we’ve found that responding to these emergencies is something clients have found us particularly good at.


Hence the emergence of our rapid brand defining this core capability.

Rapid - Right, on time.

Rapid Response to Environmental Emergencies

Rapid is more than just a brand, it has become ‘the way things are done round here’, and it’s become the foundation our hire service has been built on.

Rapid is all about us getting it right and on time, first time and every time. So you get what you need, you get what you were expecting and you get what we have promised. And you get it when you need it, you get it sooner than others can do it, and you get it when we say you’ll get it.

The Rapid Hire Process

Our Rapid hire process is designed around those who show a responsible attitude towards their health, safety and environmental duties and want to minimise operational downtime. It’s all about:
Being ready before you need us
Being Ready Before You Need Us

Before you even contact us, we’ve been busy preparing our fleet of hire equipment to ensure it’s in a ready-to-go state. All hire equipment in our large fleet goes through a thorough checklist before being approved for despatch. We’re waiting for your call...

Empowering you for speed decision-making
Empowering You for Speedy Decision-making

From when you contact us we’re on your side, working quickly to define your requirements and to ensure you receive all the costs and information you need in a timely manner.

Clearing the way for you
Clearing the Way for You

At the earliest hint that you’re wishing to proceed, we’re priming our delivery teams and working to ensure that we have all the necessary information to process your order quickly.

Delivering your solution quickly
Delivering Your Solution Quickly

Once you’ve placed your order it’s all systems go through the final pre-despatch checks to the speedy despatch via our trusted delivery network, be it dawn, dusk or even during the night.

Getting you up and running quickly
Getting You Up and Running Quickly

On delivery to your site we’re not about ‘drop and run’ either. In many instances our drivers will provide basic equipment familiarisation training and where this isn’t available, we at least ensure you have documented instructions and access to telephone support to get you up and running quickly.


Corgin Saves the World Wide Web

As a result of temperatures exceeding 30°C in 2015, a large server hosting company, hosting some of the most visited websites in the world, installed one of Corgin’s AtomisterHydro systems to prevent their air-conditioning units from overheating.

However, the threat of overheating began to return as thermometers soared to 33°C and the AtomisterHydro Eco control panel alerted the customer of potential pressure loss. Failure was just not an option…

At 05:18pm Corgin received the first call from the customer.

06:24pm  Customer phoned again to request an immediate engineer call-out due to the surmounting risk of their air-conditioning units overheating.

07:15pm  Corgin MD returned to the office to collect the necessary parts.  Travelled an hour to meet up with the Corgin engineer to hand over the parts.

09:30pm  Corgin engineer attended site and took the decision to replace the water pump to be completely safe.

11:00pm  AtomisterHydro system restored to full working order and customer able to sleep in peace! The customer wasn’t able to thank Corgin enough: ‘Thank you very, very, very, very, very much for your help – excellent service!’

12:00am  Corgin engineer left site, after monitoring the system for an hour to ensure that everything was operating satisfactorily.

Read the full story here.


A Day in the Life of Rapid: Landfill Odours

Heavy rainfall sweeps the South East of the UK and the waterlogged ground conditions cause an unexpected landslide at a large waste landfill site.

One of the immediate requirements is to provide odour control cover for the tons of exposed waste whilst a remediation plan is put together. With the Environment Agency on site and newspaper reporters at the gate, all the Site Manager wants is a fast and painless way of implementing an odour control solution.

After discussing the problem with Corgin, the Site Manager starts to feel a sense of relief. Within hours of his initial contact, the options have been considered, the costs have been approved and an engineer is enroute with a mobile odour control system. By nightfall, the system is installed and operational, providing odour control coverage to some 250m of landslip perimeter. The Site Manager is delighted and sends Corgin a message of thanks.

Another typical day in the life of Rapid.


Another Day, Another Opportunity for Rapid: Emergency Aeration

It is 15:21 and site operatives are locking up for the day at a large domestic wastewater treatment works in the North of the UK. Just before locking the blower room, a status check reveals a failure on one of the two large PD blowers. A call is made to the Area Manager, who thankfully has had past dealings with Corgin.

Corgin take the distress call at 15:43, and by close of play they have agreed the scope and costs with the client; loaded 4no. 11kW float-mounted Spiral Aerators onto a HIAB for delivery and installation at 07:00 the next morning; and co-ordinated the crane hire and generator hire requirements to facilitate the installation and operation of the aerators. Our photo story below says the rest.

Another day, another opportunity for Rapid.


We maintain a large fleet of ready-to-go equipment for emergency hire at our Stafford facilities. This includes:

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