Solid Waste Bio-Stimulant

Natural Enhancement

MNC solid waste bio-stimulant is formulated to support high populations of facultative bacteria. These beneficial microbes occur naturally in most organic waste types, and readily function in both aerobic and anaerobic environments, without producing odorous by-products.

The formulation consists of a natural, non-toxic and biodegradable blend of amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, purines, pyramidines, and complex organic extracts. Together these promote the rapid growth of facultative bacteria which quickly outcompete odour-producing anaerobic bacteria.

Instant and Long-term Effect

The application of our MNC bio-stimulant works immediately on contact to suppress nuisance odours such as sulphides, mercaptans, volatile fatty acids, amines and ammonia, with long lasting results. This is made possible by working on the root cause of odours rather than just the symptoms.


MNC bio-stimulant is highly concentrated and dilution with water is required to aid distribution. It may be applied topically to stockpiles or windrows, or blended with feedstock at the start of the stockpiling process. Corgin can advise dosage levels based on either the volume or the surface area of the waste to be treated.


The performance of our MNC bio-stimulant is confirmed by substantive product tests. One such independent test on compost, which was formulated to contain a carbon:nitrogen ratio of 30:1 (conducive to the production of ammonia under anaerobic conditions), demonstrated many beneficial results, including:

  • 16% reduction of time required for waste to become stable (i.e. reach endogenous stage)
  • 40% reduction of ammonia levels
  • Microbial populations in waste multiplied by a factor of 10 times

Safe to Use

Our MNC bio-stimulant is non-hazardous and non-toxic, and as a natural and biodegradable product, is essentially harmless to humans and the environment. It is PAS100 accredited, making it safe for use in PAS100 composting operations.


Where is MNC solid waste bio-stimulant used? Why is it selected?
In-vessel composting Works immediately to knock down odours
Green waste composting Accelerates decomposition rates
Waste stockpiles Enables compost turning frequency to be reduced
Surface leachate Rapidly establishes healthy biological conditions
Sewage sludge Suppresses odour-causing anaerobic bacteria
Industrial sludge Creates a bio-filter effect on the surface of compost
Animal by-products Does not introduce non-indigenous bacteria
Livestock slurry
Pulp & paper sludge