Talk to the Corgin Team at Hillhead Digital 2021

Posted by Giles Bennett on Wednesday 17 February 2021
Giles Bennett

Well, no one can deny that we're in tough times, and we all know that in tough times, it helps to talk.

So we're inviting you to turn up and talk to us at Hillhead Digital 2021 - live from Tuesday, 30th March to Wednesday, 31st March. Talk to us about the challenges facing your industry. Talk to us about your environmental compliance concerns. Talk to us about your ambitions and plans for 2021.

They say that talk is cheap—only on this occasion, talk is free. Our friendly and caring team will be online to hear you out, and to share insights, ideas, best practices and solutions from our wealth of experience.

With another Spring and Summer season ahead (surely one that’s eagerly-awaited like none previously), control of dust and odour emissions is bound to become increasingly topical for the construction and recycling sectors. Especially if working from home becomes a long-term revolution rather than just a short-term decree—as it has already been proven that home-working can increase the sensitivity of neighbourhoods.

And if you care about corporate responsibility and your sense of duty to the environment, then we’re here to make life easier for you.

Hillhead Digital 2021 is the first event of its kind for the industry and in the words of the organisers, it will “combine a multi-stream conference with an innovative exhibition platform that will allow the industry to engage like never before” . Visitors to our virtual booth will be able to see our products in action, examine 3D models and see and speak with members of our team….all from the comfort of your office or home.

Click here to find out more about Hillhead Digital 2021 and to register free of charge.

Hillhead Digital 2021