From Zero to Hero!

The DustLayer is one of Corgin’s enduring success stories. Having been designed in 2011 to help a client with a particular need, the DustLayer is now our best-seller and is the medium-scale dust suppression tool of choice for many of the UK’s leading construction, demolition and recycling companies. Loved because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness, the DustLayer consists of a road-towable, trailer-mounted bowser with a diesel engine-driven pump operating a bank of high-pressure, high-volume spray nozzles at the top of a height-adjustable mast.

Totally Portable

The DustLayer is completely self-contained. It can be towed into position, the mast erected, the bowser filled and the start button pressed—all by a single site operative and within minutes. It will give continuous suppression for up to two hours before needing a refill, while the fuel tank typically gives around 4 hours before you need to reach for the diesel can. The DustLayer can be manoeuvred around the dust source easily to take advantage of varying wind direction and to maximise effectiveness.

Tall Story

The DustLayer’s mast is its most distinctive feature. Easily adjustable between 3.0 and 4.6m, it allows great flexibility such that the nozzles can be mounted at a level that is most appropriate to the application. When at its full height and placed upwind of the dust source, the DustLayer takes advantage of any breeze to maximise dispersion of the mist to a range of at least 10-15 metres.


DustLayers also feature a pressure-washer lance as standard, meaning that it has a very useful second function. At the end of a shift, vehicles or other site equipment can be washed down effectively.

Wide Range of Applications

DustLayers are used across a wide variety of industrial applications, however they particularly come into their own in situations where relatively targeted, small or medium-scale suppression is required. Typically ideal situations are lorry-loading, tipping, or outdoor process equipment such as shredders, screeners and loading hoppers.

Hire or Purchase

DustLayers are available either for hire or purchase. Following significant recent investment driven by the unit’s popularity, we now have a considerable number of units on our hire fleet, available for rapid deployment from our Midlands-based premises.

FrostAlert Forecast

Is it going to freeze tonight? Do I need to drain my DustLayer? No doubt these questions have been through your mind...

We recognise that for anyone with a Corgin DustLayer, frost and freezing temperatures represent an inherent risk during the winter months, particularly in exposed environments. Failure to drain down your bowser adequately can lead to expensive repairs and call-outs. Our Advisory Frost Protection Measures will help you to avoid this, but now we are pleased to give you an additional free tool: FrostAlert.

Given the changeable nature of the British climate, it is not uncommon for a sharp overnight frost to arrive ‘out of the blue’ and this is often where people are caught out.

The FrostAlert forecast gives notice of potential freezing conditions in any given UK region. The regional risk levels are reviewed daily throughout the winter.

Features & Benefits

Highway-specification trailer chassis For durability and for road-towing if required
Electric-start diesel engine with pump For operation independently of electricity supply
5m high mast To administer effective dust suppression without excessive wetting
3no. high-pressure, fan spray nozzles with all necessary hose and couplings To provide a voluminous ‘flat-fan’ mist spray
1100 litre capacity tank For extended operation
Quick-connect outlet for connection to pressure washer lance or foam lance For additional functions if required



Where are DustLayers used?

Why are they selected?


Temporary requirements

Easy relocation for changing site requirements

Moving odour and dust sources

Can be fully operational in minutes

Loading operations

Completely self-contained

Outdoor sites

Coverage can be tailored to requirements

Land remediation






Aggregate handling




Waste handling


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