HOT NEWS: Corgin (Almost) Runs Out of MistCannons!

Posted by Giles Bennett on Wednesday 31 July 2019
Giles Bennett

Thursday 25th July 2019: roads melted, thousands of air and rail travellers suffered delays, police had to be called after hordes of overheating Londoners tried to storm a lido to cool down………..and in other news, Corgin temporarily ran out of MistCannon Rangers!

In what has now been officially confirmed by the Met Office as the UK's hottest recorded day, the mercury maxed out at a sizzling 38.7˚C in Cambridge, while many other towns and cities as far north as Sheffield, York and even Edinburgh also recorded their highest ever local temperatures.

Here in Stafford, with temperatures peaking at around 34˚C, a day of frenzied activity saw multiple enquiries and orders for hire equipment as clients from around the UK attempted to get to grips with dust challenges exacerbated by the weather. At one point on Thursday afternoon we were briefly in the very unusual position of having no MistCannon Rangers at all available for hire.

Thankfully our sterling production team rose to the challenge and despite having to work outside in the stifling heat, every order got fulfilled—and every customer satisfied. More MistCannon Rangers have since been built on site and with some units having also come back from short-term hires, we’re pleased to say that availability is restored for the time being. We have components on order to assemble more Rangers as we strive to keep abreast of whatever level of demand the rest of this Summer brings.

Whatever your dust or odour suppression needs, contact us today and prove that when the heat is on, we can fulfil your needs—no sweat!

MistCannon Ranger Self-Contained Mobile Dust Suppression