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Bruce Bricknell - Managing Director

We have been blessed with an amazing team here at Corgin.

It is hard to capture in words what we enjoy here every day. There is an incredibly unselfish team spirit, a happy and positive atmosphere, an unwavering desire to please, an amazing tenacity and ‘can-do’ attitude, an incredible spectrum of knowledge and experience, plenty of creative genius, an admirable work ethic and a constant drive to improve!

Corgin has a personality. It is not my personality, nor is it the personality of any one member of the team. It is the Corgin team personality, the culture, that everyone that works here so enjoys being part of. Take a look at what others of the team say if you still need convincing!

So, thank you everyone! It is my privilege to work with you all and to share your successes and support you in your challenges.

And to all of our wonderful clients, I really do trust that you feel part of the team too!

Giles Bennett - Dust & Odour Consultant

After 14 years of selling in the PPE industry, I was ready for a change and having joined Corgin in April 2011 I certainly got one!  I’ve since been responsible for sales of dust and odour suppression equipment for the business, travelling extensively throughout the UK and Ireland.  One of the things I love about my job is the vast diversity of clientele and applications. From a recycling facility in Dover to a power station on the Northern Ireland coast, from a quarry in Cornwall to a port in Fife, from a sewage works in Cumbria to a food factory in Leicestershire, I’ve seen it all!  When not on the road I enjoy working with the team in the office, where the vibrant and fun culture ensures that all aspects of my working life are pleasurable (and I haven’t been paid any commission for saying this!) :)

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 children or socialising with wider family and friends.  I enjoy photography and hillwalking and also get involved with various charitable initiatives.

Tori Sellers - Wastewater Consultant

With many years’ experience in wastewater treatment, I have an inherent desire to deliver highly efficient, functional wastewater treatment systems. I pride myself in ensuring we have provided our clients with the best possible solution to their wastewater challenges.

The Corgin culture and I fit well together, striving to consistently exceed client expectations, listening to your needs and generally being great to deal with. Although it may sound hard to apply knowledge with enthusiasm to wastewater treatment, I’m one of the sad few who really enjoys solving wastewater challenges.

With so many solutions to work with it’s a real pleasure to collaborate with clients, optioneering the best and most efficient design for their treatment works looking at both CAPEX and TOTEX expenditures.

At home my focus is on my family - you’ll generally find me playing superhero dress up with my son Tom, (AKA Robin!) and I’ve built up a fantastic knowledge of DC Comic characters! I love being involved with his school, I am the Chairman (or woman) of the PTFA, raising money for educational and play equipment and putting on fun events for both children and adults; I find this really rewarding and seeing the children’s faces when we install new play equipment for them is just the best feeling in the world, making all the evenings planning events and the subsequent weekends given up to run them worthwhile.

Give me a call, drop me an e-mail, text me or message me through the website to have a chat about your wastewater needs, or if you're stuck on DC Comic characters names!

Bradley Gilliland - Business Development

I love win-win situations and I believe they are an essential ingredient for success, both in the team I’m favoured to be part of and the business development work I focus on.

Having been with Corgin since 2006 when we were just a team of three, my mission here is to help the business reach its ultimate performance target in the most effective way. My current focus is on proactively developing business opportunities with clients who we can deliver the most value to, and helping to continually improve our business processes to deliver more value to our clients.

Of course, however interesting it may be, business is a means to an end. Outside of this space I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young daughters, and helping family, friends and the community in whatever way I can. I also enjoy getting out for walks in the great outdoors when there’s a chance.

Roslyn Bricknell - Hire Administrator

I love ensuring that our clients enjoy the 'Rapid' experience that Corgin is so good at.  As Hire Administrator, I facilitate rapid responses to environmental emergencies right across the United Kingdom, with delivery of hire equipment normally promised within 24-48 hours.

At Corgin, there is an incredible team and an incredible culture - I am truly lucky to be part of it. Striving to exceed expectations and continuously improve the experiences others have with us are our core focuses.

I must admit I'm addicted to photography.  I have some crazy aspirations for me and my new DSLR and my passion for being creative has led me to doing some marketing work for a global charity.  Other things I love include travelling to Europe, exploring new places on the wonderful British Isles and meeting people from all over the world.

Marissa Carvell - Administration Assistant and Customer Care

Ever since I walked in the door on my first day at Corgin I have enjoyed every single minute!  The culture at Corgin is what I love most, we all work as a team and have some good laughs together, most of all everyone is always smiling.  My job role is awesome, I love working out the challenges.

I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome from the first day and thank you for all the time and effort you have put in in training me!

Gavin Carvell - Marketing Manager

I am passionate about inbound marketing and I have a mission to 'have the most findable, user-friendly, informative and engaging website in our industry.'  You can check out our most recent updates here.

If you have any suggestions as to how to make our website more findable, user-friendly, informative or engaging, I'd love to hear them. Submit them here to receive a free £10 Costa Coffee gift card.

I also enjoy photography and videography and have taken thousands of photos and produced numerous videos over the last few years both at Corgin and outside of work.

Lauren Bricknell - Finance Administrator

I love all the challenges that a role as Finance Administrator brings in a fast-paced, ever-progressing company like Corgin!

With a wide variety of duties ranging from fairly menial tasks like chasing debts, to the all-important monthly payroll run, to this year’s audacious objective of bringing our accounting fully in-house...each day varies wildly from the next and there is never a dull moment!

Right from childhood I have always preferred working with numbers…and this led to me taking A-levels in Maths, Accounts and Business Studies.  I’m now very thankful for the analytical and logical skills gained along with learning the need for accuracy and attention to detail, as a result of taking these subjects.

Also having a passion for problem-solving and continuous improvement, I enjoy streamlining and refining processes and systems, not just in the Finance Department but throughout the business!

But most of all, I love the buzz and the banter here at Corgin – what an excellent team spirit!!

Steve Payne - Operations Manager

My responsibilities at Corgin are wide-ranging and include providing strong leadership and contract management, ensuring business projects run at high standards and to budget, are of excellent quality and generate a profit.

I work with a fantastic team of enthusiastic people at Corgin; from on-site personnel through to director-level. Our energy at Corgin is fast-paced and dynamic and we strive to continuously improve our services.

My background is in people management and project delivery and I relish the challenges that our clients send my way – allowing me to exercise my strengths as an innovative problem-solver and solution-finder.

I am especially passionate about building and strengthening working relationships with our clients.

I enjoy photography and am a huge American Football fan – each year I try to improve my photography skills at NFL games in London. I am especially interested in the personnel strategies adopted by successful NFL teams and I enjoy re-interpreting and applying them to improve our own performance at Corgin.

John Needham - Mechanical Design Engineer

With my background as a Mechanical Engineer, I enjoy the day to day life at Corgin as part of the Operations Team.  Every day brings a new set of challenges and a varied workload – no two days are the same!  There is a real team spirit at Corgin, which is definitely contagious and everyone works hard as part of the wider team – it is especially great to be part of a growing company and I love the buzz of a busy team.

My background isn’t in the technology that Corgin provides, but I’m hopeful that the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years working in other industries will be of benefit to me and to Corgin as my role evolves.  I particularly enjoy making improvements and as such, I am also heavily involved with the management of our QHSE matters - developing and improving our systems further to meet ISO requirements.  So juggling this with project work and working with sales on occasions is a great mix for me.

As a family man with 3 children, my time outside of work is also very busy but I try to find time to keep fit by running and cycling. At weekends I love spending time on the North Wales coast with the family getting out into the great outdoors and relaxing after a busy week.

Colin Hutchins - Technical Manager

My role at Corgin has evolved over the years as the company has grown. I provide technical support for the Sales and Operations teams, including support for our site engineers, but I still gain the most enjoyment from finding solutions to our clients' problems, whether matching a product to a need, or troubleshooting equipment on site to ensure top performance. This approach has helped to shape and develop our range of product offering, and still occasionally calls for a bespoke solution to meet a specific need. That said, our core products are proving ever popular solutions to the environmental challenges faced by the Construction, Waste and Wastewater sectors.

I have always been interested in science, which was a benefit in learning the ropes when I joined Corgin, beginning with Wastewater treatment processes and lab analysis of samples; although after school my further education is in construction and construction science, achieving a BTEC National Certificate in Building Studies.

Outside of work I spend time with my wife and 4 children. My interests include DIY, charitable work helping others, and time spent outdoors whenever possible: walking and studying nature.

Bonnie Hutchins - Projects Administrator

I am very pleased to find that the job role I accepted here is just right. I enjoy the busy rush, one project after another... The high demand keeps me on my toes. The buzz and excitement at Corgin is all I need to keep me going in my busy role. Thank you all for helping me settle in so quickly. And a massive thanks to Cheryl for training me up for this fast-paced role! :)

Deevia Chauhan - Project Engineer and Lean Champion

Passionate about lean and continuous improvement with the strong belief that it should be a part of everything we do, not just at work, my role is to encourage and facilitate continuous improvement every day. Initially I will be working on the implementation of Wrike to facilitate effective resourcing and project management of site installation projects, and the prioritisation of workload for engineers for non-site work. Calling on my background as a mechanical engineer I will also be supporting the operations team to relieve their workload and build my skills in that sector.

I love to travel, so outside of work you’ll usually find me planning the next getaway, searching for all the adrenaline filled activities. I have a big extended family who I love to spend time with, so my weekends are usually spent driving all over the country to visit them.

Laura Stacey - Finance Administrator & Executive Assistant

The happy friendly atmosphere is what I like most here at Corgin. Everyone works together to get the job done and fulfil customer expectations, but with plenty of laughter along the way.

Working in finance, I enjoy the constant challenge of every day, the variety of work, whether it be entering invoices, responding to a query or making payments, and the satisfaction of finding a solution.

Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to Lauren for the time you have put in to training me and answering all the questions! 😊

Jerry Carvell - Sales Consultant & Customer Care

Having recently started for Corgin, I can honestly say that I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic and positive team. Everyone here and all of our customers are given excellent 1-2-1 treatment and cared for as top priority.

In joining the Customer Care Team as a Sales Consultant, I’m certainly looking forward to the varied enquiries and questions that’ll come my way, and to meeting and speaking to many of our customers in the near future.

I’m passionate about having a positive and can-do attitude and am a firm believer in having a PMA (positive mental attitude). Starting the day with a PMA always helps to win the day!

Outside of work I love being kept busy spending time with my amazing wife and two little boys!

Josh Warburton - Customer Care Administrator

Josh Warburton

David Phillips

David Phillips - Warehouse Manager & Maintenance Engineer

Luke Edwards - Warehouse Operative & Maintenance Engineer

Luke Edwards

Peter Hordell

Peter Hordell - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

Danny Royles - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

I joined Corgin in June 2017 after serving 15 years in the Navy as an engineer. My time in the Navy gave me the skills and knowledge required to join the Corgin Team as one of their skilled and experienced engineers. I work all over the UK installing both Wastewater Equipment and Odour and Dust Suppression Equipment. I also service equipment and attend clients' sites when emergencies arise.

I enjoy solving problems and developing innovative solutions to ease and improve our installation techniques. As a Corgin engineer, we see a lot of the country with clients from the north of Scotland down to Cornwall, sometimes seeing both ends of the country in one week!

Outside of work I love spending time with my children and catching up with friends and family.

Richard Hadley - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

I joined Corgin in April 2018.  I have worked in the industry for many years as an engineer but I have never been made to feel more welcome and part of the team than at Corgin. I think the training and support is fantastic.

I enjoy working on new projects and meeting people all over the UK.  I love working with the Corgin team.

Outside of work I love spending time with my wonderful wife Kath and Sophie and Matthew.

I also enjoy travel, cycling and swimming.

Russell Gardner - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

Mr Fix It, that’s what they call me. With a love for all things mechanical and a need to take them apart and put them back together, I tend to be the “fourth emergency service” for Corgin.

I have over 15 years’ experience working within the wastewater environment and a lifetime of mechanical experience, having started my working career as a mechanic in a garage. Fixing things is my passion, and research and development of products is high on my priority list. We develop our own products and solutions here at Corgin and I enjoy being part of the team, especially when a new innovation or product is installed and working on site.

At home you’ll find me tinkering in the garage, or developing the house to accommodate my mother-in-law who will be joining us soon. I love spending time with friends and family and most of all sitting around a fire outdoors watching “bush TV” with a beer and a smile.

Mike Fenton

Mike Fenton - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

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