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Bruce Bricknell - Managing Director

We have been blessed with an amazing team here at Corgin.

It is hard to capture in words what we enjoy here every day. There is an incredibly unselfish team spirit, a happy and positive atmosphere, an unwavering desire to please, an amazing tenacity and ‘can-do’ attitude, an incredible spectrum of knowledge and experience, plenty of creative genius, an admirable work ethic and a constant drive to improve!

Corgin has a personality. It is not my personality, nor is it the personality of any one member of the team. It is the Corgin team personality, the culture, that everyone that works here so enjoys being part of. Scroll down to see what others of the team say or take a look at this if you still need convincing!

So, thank you everyone! It is my privilege to work with you all, and to share your successes and support you in your challenges.

And to all of our wonderful clients, I really do trust that you feel part of the team too!

Bradley Gilliland - General Manager

I love win-win situations and I believe they are an essential ingredient for success, both within our team here, the clients we support,  and the supply chain who support us.

Having been with Corgin since 2006 when we were just a team of three, my mission here is to help the business reach its ultimate performance target in the most effective way by proactively seeking out ways to deliver more value to all of our stakeholders.

Of course, however interesting it may be, business is a means to an end. Outside of this space I enjoy spending time with my wife and three young daughters, and helping family, friends and the community in whatever way I can. I also enjoy getting out for walks in the great outdoors when there’s a chance.

Giles Bennett - Dust & Odour Consultant

After 14 years of selling in the PPE industry, I was ready for a change and having joined Corgin in April 2011 I certainly got one!  I’ve since been responsible for sales of dust and odour suppression equipment for the business, travelling extensively throughout the UK and Ireland.  One of the things I love about my job is the vast diversity of clientele and applications. From a recycling facility in Dover to a power station on the Northern Ireland coast, from a quarry in Cornwall to a port in Fife, from a sewage works in Cumbria to a food factory in Leicestershire, I’ve seen it all!  When not on the road I enjoy working with the team in the office, where the vibrant and fun culture ensures that all aspects of my working life are pleasurable (and I haven’t been paid any commission for saying this!) :)

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and 3 children or socialising with wider family and friends.  I enjoy photography and hillwalking and also get involved with various charitable initiatives.

Gavin Carvell - Marketing Manager

I am passionate about inbound marketing and I have a mission to 'have the most findable, user-friendly, informative and engaging website in our industry.'  You can check out our most recent updates here.

If you have any suggestions as to how to make our website more findable, user-friendly, informative or engaging, I'd love to hear them. Submit them here to receive a free £10 Costa Coffee gift card.

I also enjoy photography and videography and have taken thousands of photos and produced numerous videos over the last few years both at Corgin and outside of work.

Colin Hutchins - Technical Manager

My role at Corgin has evolved over the years as the company has grown. I provide technical support for the Sales and Operations teams, including support for our site engineers, but I still gain the most enjoyment from finding solutions to our clients' problems, whether matching a product to a need, or troubleshooting equipment on site to ensure top performance. This approach has helped to shape and develop our range of product offering, and still occasionally calls for a bespoke solution to meet a specific need. That said, our core products are proving ever popular solutions to the environmental challenges faced by the Construction, Waste and Wastewater sectors.

I have always been interested in science, which was a benefit in learning the ropes when I joined Corgin, beginning with Wastewater treatment processes and lab analysis of samples; although after school my further education is in construction and construction science, achieving a BTEC National Certificate in Building Studies.

Outside of work I spend time with my wife and 4 children. My interests include DIY, charitable work helping others, and time spent outdoors whenever possible: walking and studying nature.

Laura Stacey - Finance Administrator & Executive Assistant

The happy friendly atmosphere is what I like most here at Corgin. Everyone works together to get the job done and fulfil customer expectations, but with plenty of laughter along the way.

Working in finance, I enjoy the constant challenge of every day, the variety of work, whether it be entering invoices, responding to a query or making payments, and the satisfaction of finding a solution.

Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to Lauren for the time you have put in to training me and answering all the questions! 😊

Jerry Carvell - Sales Consultant & Customer Care

Having recently started for Corgin, I can honestly say that I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic and positive team. Everyone here and all of our customers are given excellent 1-2-1 treatment and cared for as top priority.

In joining the Customer Care Team as a Sales Consultant, I’m certainly looking forward to the varied enquiries and questions that’ll come my way, and to meeting and speaking to many of our customers in the near future.

I’m passionate about having a positive and can-do attitude and am a firm believer in having a PMA (positive mental attitude). Starting the day with a PMA always helps to win the day!

Outside of work I love being kept busy spending time with my amazing wife and two little boys!

Lyndon Carvell - Customer Care

“No two days are the same for me as Hire Administrator, which is what I love most about my role. We live and breathe our ‘rapid hire’ mantra and relish in responding quickly to environmental emergencies in the construction and waste water industry with our hire equipment. Whether it’s dust and odour suppression or waste water treatments, it is rewarding to see how our broad range of solutions can greatly improve environmental and working conditions on site.

I’m passionate about providing a first-class experience for all our customers and just making sure we are great to deal with every time! Our teams are close-knit and communicate well, which makes it easier to deliver on our customer’s requirements.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and socialising with friends and family.”

Peter Hordell

Peter Hordell - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

Russell Gardner - Installation & Maintenance Engineer

Mr Fix It, that’s what they call me. With a love for all things mechanical and a need to take them apart and put them back together, I tend to be the “fourth emergency service” for Corgin.

I have over 15 years’ experience working within the wastewater environment and a lifetime of mechanical experience, having started my working career as a mechanic in a garage. Fixing things is my passion, and research and development of products is high on my priority list. We develop our own products and solutions here at Corgin and I enjoy being part of the team, especially when a new innovation or product is installed and working on site.

At home you’ll find me tinkering in the garage, or developing the house to accommodate my mother-in-law who will be joining us soon. I love spending time with friends and family and most of all sitting around a fire outdoors watching “bush TV” with a beer and a smile.

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