Dust Suppressant - DustLess

The dust suppressant of choice for dusty roads

DustLess is the roadway dust suppressant of choice where health and environmental compliance are at risk.

Composed of an organic, environmentally-safe compound, it offers a long-term, cost-effective solution for application in high traffic areas where excessive dust generation is an issue.

Easily applied and remaining effective for 6 to 12 months, DustLess frees up your workforce and resources from traditional labour-intensive dust suppression methods, allowing them to be reassigned to core business activities. This can have wide-ranging benefits including reduced vehicle maintenance, increased return on investment and increased safety – to name but a few.

As safe as it gets

Whilst we don’t recommend that you drink it, DustLess has no onerous handling or safety requirements. This allows it to be used in environmentally-sensitive areas and where people and wildlife are present. Full details can be found on the DustLess Material Safety Data Sheet.

Why it works so well

DustLess is unique in the way in which it works. It is permanently absorbed into the individual soil particles, especially the finest of particles that cause the worst fly-away dust, weighing them down. It does not form a crust, nor does it evaporate. It is unaffected by hot or cold, or by rain – making it the most durable dust suppressant available.

Advantages over traditional methods

DustLess has significant advantages over traditional dust suppression methods, including its long-lasting effect, environmental safety and cost-effective application. A more detailed comparison of the advantages of DustLess over traditional methods is given in the following table:





How it works

DustLess is absorbed into the individual soil particles, weighing them down and preventing 'fly-away'

Water surrounds individual dust particles thus surrounding and ‘floating’ them

Chlorides draw moisture out of the air thus dampening the soil particles

Effect on vehicle  traction (co-efficient of friction)

Good traction as particles remain in direct contact with one another, keeping the soil surface firm

Poor traction as particles no longer adjacent to each other

Variable effect on traction, dependant on the ambient humidity

Effect of weather

Won’t evaporate, wash away or dilute. Performance not affected by climate or humidity

Subject to effects of evaporation or over-saturation depending on the weather

Diluted and washed away by heavy rain

Tracking on vehicle tyres

No stickiness, preventing tracking

Over-saturation results in mud that adheres to wheels/equipment

Because it absorbs moisture, may adhere to wheels/equipment

Frequency of application

Single application lasts up to a year and subsequent applications are at a reduced rate

Multiple applications per day may be required in hot, dry weather

Requires several applications per year

Prevention of corrosion

Non-corrosive. Safeguards against corrosion due to other causes

May contribute to corrosion on vehicles and equipment

Can cause severe corrosion on vehicles and equipment

Effect on environment

Not harmful to environment

May promote unwanted vegetation growth. Contaminated run-off may cause pollution of surface and ground water

Kills adjacent vegetation and pollutes surface and ground water

Effects on health of humans and wildlife

Harmless to humans and wildlife, including waterlife and plants

Normally harmless, unless contaminated (eg. with legionellae). However, rapid evaporation in hot, dry weather will lead to dust emissions which are harmful to health

Not normally harmful, but variable effectiveness may lead to dust emissions which are harmful to health


Applying DustLess

For smaller areas, DustLess can be applied manually; while for larger areas, a bowser or tanker with a customised spreader bar is best. To ensure the best results, Corgin offer advice on the most appropriate method and rate of application. Factors that influence the rate of application include:

  • Traffic frequency
  • Type of vehicle and tyre tread
  • Terrain and soil type
  • Road layout
  • Treatment objective

The DustChief, a road-towable bowser with a specially-customised DustLess applicator, is recommended for fast and precise application to large areas – allowing coverage of up to an acre in 15 minutes. The DustChief can be hired or purchased from Corgin.

Features & Benefits



Completely safe for humans, animals, wildlife and plants

Eliminates risks associated with usage and handling

Not diluted by rain

Safeguards your investment

Non-volatile (doesn’t evaporate)

Safeguards your investment

Non-hazardous and non-toxic

Eliminates risks associated with usage and handling


Eliminates risks associated with damage to assets and equipment

Clear and odourless

Works unobtrusively yet very effectively  

VOC free

Eliminates risks associated with usage and handling



Where is DustLess used?

Why is it selected?

Open cast mines

Superior performance


Unrivalled longevity

Aggregate handling sites

Used worldwide

Construction sites

Highly concentrated

Demolition sites

Easy to apply

Unpaved roadways (‘dirt roads’)

Completely safe in use

Unpaved parking areas


Outdoor storage areas


Landfill sites


Unpaved landing strips and helicopter pads

Does not evaporate

Safari parks and nature areas

Does not wash away

Military camps

Long storage life

Vehicle test facilities

Available in 25 L drums and 1000 L IBCs

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