Everything Is More than Good. Do You Have Another Six?

Posted by Roslyn Bricknell on Thursday 21 March 2019
Roslyn Bricknell

“Assistance, service & support...through a very difficult time”

Summer 2018, the joint-hottest summer on record, was welcomed by most, but challenging for many across the UK. Levels of dust escalated across construction, demolition, earthworks, quarries and recycling facilities all over the country.

In early July, it was still extremely dry, and a Lincolnshire recycling company needed to act urgently to put dust suppression measures in place to damp down the dust at one of their materials recycling facilities. Prevailing winds entering the open end of a large shed were pushing dust from the loading area up into the building and towards the picking areas, causing concern for the welfare of workers.

After hiring a dust suppression unit from another plant hire company, and finding it ineffective, Corgin received an urgent phone call requesting two units to be delivered “yesterday” if possible!

A few weeks later, after receiving glowing feedback that the DustLayers were “more than good” and that they had “reduced the dust in the shed by 70-80%”, Corgin were asked to send another six units as soon as possible. True to Corgin’s Rapid culture, the very next morning all six units were making their way across the country to save the MRF from having to terminate operations.

3 months later, the UK had resumed its grey and rainy state, and Corgin received the following email from the Site Manager:

Good Evening,

Can you please arrange for the off hire of all dust suppression units from [Company Name], from tomorrow evening (23/11/2018).

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the assistance, service and support you have afforded me through what was a very difficult time in terms of weather conditions and [external] pressure. Without your assistance I would have had very serious issues.

I cannot thank you guys enough for everything and rest assured, [Company Name] and Myself will be in touch when summer starts (hopefully before the rush!!).

Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Dave - Site Manager

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