Dust Suppression Foam

Surface foam cover is one of the most effective and quickest means of achieving short-term dust suppression or odour control. 

As much as firefighters use foam to smother flames, our specially-formulated foam products are designed to be applied to troublesome odour and dust sources such as waste stockpiles and freshly-remediated ground, thus creating both a physical and a highly-visible barrier that instantly ‘caps’ unwelcome emissions. 

The initial foam cover collapses, dries and becomes invisible in a matter of hours, its longevity being dependant on a number of factors, including atmospheric conditions and the porosity of the surface it’s applied to.  However, a thin film remains until disturbed, significantly reducing the subsequent bleed rate of nuisance emissions into the atmosphere.

Corgin offer three different methods of applying foam cover, summarised as follows:


The FoamChief is a purpose-built, large-scale foam applicator.  It is ideal for circumstances where there is a requirement to cover large areas quickly.  Entirely self-contained, the FoamChief consists of a 2000-litre tank mounted on a twin-axle trailer chassis. The unit is fitted with an engine and pump, and comes with a foam inductor, 23m of fire hose and two separate foam branch-pipes, giving the option of either low or medium expansion foam output.


The FoamLance is an attachment that can be supplied with our mobile dust and odour suppression units, to give an optional additional function of small-scale foam application.

Consumable Products

We recommend the use of Corgin foam concentrate products through the above foam applicators.  Foam cover is most commonly used for odour suppression applications and in such cases, we recommend the use of OdourCap.  This exclusive product consists of Corgin odour neutralisers blended with foam-generating concentrate and should typically be dosed into water at a 1:50 (2%) dilution rate.  OdourCap contains natural essential oils and has its own pleasant, natural scent.  For more information on our odour neutralisers, visit our consumables page.

For situations where foam is being applied to control dust emissions only, we recommend FoamCap.