Odour Neutralisers


Corgin’s odour neutralisers are a safe and environmentally-friendly range of deodorizers. They are formulated from a blend of essential oils and other natural organic compounds. They are water soluble and suitable for use in both topical and airborne odour control. They contain natural products and are non-hazardous, non-flammable and completely bio-degradable. This makes them particularly suitable for manned locations.


Our odour neutralisers can be applied safely to odorous surfaces for immediate odour relief; they can be diluted with water and applied through a misting or fogging system to treat airspace. They can also be mixed directly into wastewater and liquid waste in tanks and lagoons to control nuisance odour emissions. Naturally, our neutralisers are approved for use in all Corgin odour suppression equipment.


We don’t see the point of shipping water around the country, so all our neutralisers come in a highly concentrated form, saving you money.


If you’ve ever come across a decomposing animal carcass in the countryside, you may have noticed that foul odours were not detectable until you were very close to it. Conversely, odours emanating from the same carcass in an urban car park would probably be detected some distance away. This is because in many man-made environments there are no natural deodorisers working to eliminate odours during the natural degradation processes. In nature’s setting, trees, plants and other vegetation produce a vapour of fragrant essential oils with the natural ability to neutralise organic odour molecules. Nature does not necessarily kill bacteria to stop odours; instead, it breaks down the offensive odour molecules themselves, leaving the bacteria to do their work in decomposing the organic matter. Corgin ReFresh products are based on this knowledge. They do not attempt to alter the natural decomposition process, nor to mask odours, but rather enhance nature’s own deodorising process.


Our neutralisers contain various blends of naturally-fragrant essential oils, giving a variety of subtle fragrances to choose from. The light fragrance can also be useful as a ‘tracer’ which helps verify treatment coverage and give reassurance that control measures are in place.


So, what’s the difference between this and low-cost masking chemicals?

Unlike highly-perfumed, synthetic masking agents, which can cause a bigger environmental headache than they solve, we don’t disguise – we neutralise.

Better still, using ReFresh Technology, our neutralisers first encapsulate and engulf odour-causing molecules before changing their molecular structure and neutralising the odour. The atomised droplets have a significantly lower surface tension than that of water droplets, allowing them to ‘suck’ odour molecules out of the air and capture them, rather than letting them bounce off again. Because of this, these atomised droplets are equally effective at suppressing dust too. This odour and dust absorption capability is the secret to the success of our ReFresh Technology.


“The general consensus on site is that your product is significantly more effective than both products that we have previously used.” Environmental Manager, Food Manufacturing Plant

“Of the chemicals we have tested, yours has impressed us the most.” Group Environmental Manager, Food Waste Processor

“Thank you for the rapid delivery!” Assistant Operations Manager, Waste & Recycling Facility

“That’s why we buy your odour neutraliser – because it’s cost effective.” Mr B, Brewery

“Yes, the neutraliser’s working wonders. You can’t smell anything! It’s absolutely brilliant, that stuff.” Team Leader, Chemical Manufacturer

“Thank you Corgin – everything is wonderful! I am planning my next order already!” Managing Director, Environmental Solutions Provider

“I went up there this morning and it didn’t smell of anything.” HS&E Manager, EfW Plant

“The use of your Odour & Dust Suppressant significantly increases treatment efficacy. Without it, the performance of the dust suppression system is not half as good.” Quarry Manager, Quarry

“All good service as usual, from ordering to delivering!” Office Manager, Quarry 


Dust Suppression & Odour Control Treatment Consumables ODA Molecule

  1. Offensive odour molecules cause odour problems for as long as they remain airborne
  2. Atomised micro-droplets are introduced into the odorous air
  3. Ionic, electrostatic and gravitational forces, correct micro-droplet size and targeted treatment all increase the number of collisions between odour molecules and neutraliser droplets
  4. Surface-active agents allow rapid absorption of odour molecules into the micro-droplets
  5. Odour is solubilised and encapsulated in the surfactant matrix contained in the neutraliser
  6. Odour neutralisation, pH balancing and bacteriostasis can all take place in the droplet, depending on the ReFresh product selected

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
ReFresh Technology (Odour and Dust Absorption) Absorbs, encapsulates and neutralises odours
Naturally based and bio-degradable Safe to use and environmentally friendly
Different blends contain odour neutralisers, bacteriostats, solubilisers, pH buffers and chemical reactants Treats a broad spectrum of odours, tailored to specific needs
Can be applied through any odour control spray system, or topically Suits wide range of applications
Variety of natural fragrances Useful as a tracer to monitor treatment coverage
Highly concentrated Cost saving – don’t pay to ship water


Where is ReFresh Technology used?

Why is it selected?

Any odour control system based on atomised spray

Exceptional neutralising effectiveness

Mobile odour control units

Highly concentrated

Topical application onto odorous surfaces

Low cost of usage