Medium to Large-Scale Dust Suppression

Since 2012 Corgin have been supplying MistCannon dust suppression cannons, both for hire and purchase, for large-scale dust suppression applications in many sectors of industry.

Clearly there is an increasing call from the market for such equipment to be operated independently of power or water supplies (or both), to enable increased versatility on site.  Therefore we have recognised the need to expand our range of ‘self-contained’ MistCannon options, as reflected in the new web pages below.

Why Choose MistCannon?

  • Where there is ready access to power & water supplies
  • When you require easy moving/transportation (either by forklift or for site tow)
  • For the most cost-effective option

Why Choose MistCannon Integral?

  • Where a completely self-contained solution is required
  • Where power & water are not readily accessible
  • For the most robust solution in the most demanding, inhospitable environments

Why Choose MistCannon Rover?

  • Where portability is important (for site or road tow)
  • Where no water supply is readily accessible (but you will need power supply)
  • For increased water consumption efficiency

Why Choose MistCannon Ranger?

  • Where portability is important (for site or road tow)
  • Where no water supply is readily accessible
  • Where no power supply is readily accessible
  • For increased water consumption efficiency

Find out more about dust suppression here.

FrostAlert Forecast Tool

We recognise that for anyone with water systems, such as odour or dust suppression systems, frost and freezing temperatures represent an inherent risk during the winter months, particularly in exposed environments. Failure to drain down equipment adequately can lead to expensive repairs and call-outs. Our Advisory Frost Protection Measures will help you to avoid this, but now we are pleased to give you an additional free frost alert tool: FrostAlert!

Click on the image below to subscribe to our email alerts or visit the webpage to review the current frost forecast.

FrostAlert - a unique frost forecasting tool