Our Mission:
Making It Easier for Those Who Care About Clean Water and Clean Air



Everyone knows that the key to business growth is identifying and satisfying customer needs.

You could say that this should be our Mission - and the same would be true for most businesses. But we wanted a Mission that was more meaningful. More true to life. And more from our hearts.

So, we got the whole team together to share their feelings about Corgin's 'raison d'être' (reason for being) and their passions about our future, all in view of redefining our Mission. Contributions were distilled and refined until we got unanimous approval on Corgin's new Mission: "Making it easier for those who care about clean water and clean air."

We like it. We know that you will too. Above all, we know that you will enjoy the experience of it.


Corgin's Mission Statement

Making it easier for those who care about clean water and clean air


The meaning behind the words...

Making It Easier...

We recognise that life isn’t always easy. The pace of life is getting faster. We’re all expected to do more with less. Activities that may impact the environment are under increasing scrutiny, with less tolerance shown - and rightly so. That’s why our Mission and core capabilities are all about making it easier - for you.

Meet the Team

We have an excellent team here at Corgin who are truly passionate about making things easier.  From how we answer the phone and process your order, to the functionality and performance of our products - continuous improvement and making things as easy as possible is at the heart of everything we do.

...for Those Who Care...

We are in this for the long haul and we really do care. It seems that not everybody out there shares the same view, though. Some, thankfully very few, seem to want to cut corners at the expense of others or the environment - they don't seem to care about long-term sustainability. So, we prefer to work with the majority who really do care: those who care about the health of their staff, who care about the environment, and who care about the long-term sustainability of their operations.

...About Clean Water and Clean Air.

Sometimes we take the clean water and clean air around us for granted. But we must remember that not everyone enjoys this privilege.

Doing what we can to change this is what we’re passionate about and what we do best. From Corgin’s beginnings in 2001, we have been all about improving water and air quality - helping to protect health and ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment.



Our Vision is to be our clients’ most recommended brand, for the solutions that we offer.

And we mean that. Because recommendations always follow positive customer experience.  And the easier we make things for you, the more positive your experience will be.  As one customer put it, 'it was very quick and easy to set up an account with Corgin', 'the [dust suppression] unit was very easy to use' and 'it made controlling the dust very easy'.



We recognise that there are certain core values that underpin the culture of every company. Our core values include integrity, honesty and loyalty. That means doing what we say, being open with you about challenges and being true to ourselves, our clients and our company.  We also have customer service values which you'll find ring true when working with us.  They're all about:

  • Listening to your needs
  • Applying knowledge with enthusiasm
  • Solving your challenges
  • Consistently exceeding your expectations
  • Being great to deal with

These are our Values.  And we’re passionate about them.