Scum Skimmer

  • Scum Skimmer SSR the simplest and easiest way to remove surface scum from your treatment works
  • For all types of scum and foam
  • For mitigating the wastewater compliance and process risks associated with surface scum and foam
  • Low cost and minimal energy usage with less than 0.12kW drive unit
  • Easy Maintenance with liftable submerged pump
  • Suitable for all types of tanks, Circular and rectangular, channels and ducts
  • Floating screw allows for fluctuating water levels with no personnel interaction
  • Fully automated controls
  • Easily retrofitted to existing tanks
  • Far superior to our formerly offered Pelican scum remover or FoamSkimmer

How does it work?

Not new technology - The Scum Skimmer was developed in 1997 and is in use throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Nearly 1000 installations to date proves the system and technology is the most reliable and effective way to remove scum from any tank or chamber.

The Scum Skimmer has opposing screws which float on the water surface drawing scum into a central hopper, a submersible pump then pumps scum out of the system to a designated disposal route.

With the right disposal route Scum can be removed entirely from the process to avoid re-seeding.

Low and easy to carry out maintenance as the motor is maintenance free and has lifetime lubrication. Due to the system’s floating design the bearings are not under load and the only maintenance required consists of visual inspections and the scum pump’s periodical oil change. The pump is designed to be raised to body height by the use of pre-installed lifting equipment.

Easily adjustable suction hopper allows all consistencies of scum and foam to be removed.

UK Installations

Scum Skimmer installation sites in the UK include one of London's largest sewage works, proving the technology is just as beneficial to the UK market as it is in Europe and the rest of the world.

Features & Benefits

Equipment Features

Quickly and easily retrofitted to existing plants

Proven in continuous operation

Sealed for life geared motor

Very little routine maintenance

Quality engineering in stainless steel

Programmable controls, easy operation

Ultra-low energy usage

Adjusts automatically to water level fluctuations

Process Benefits

Removes biological and FOG scum and foam build-up

Removal rate of up to 200m3/day

Eliminates odorous scum

Reduces Suspended Solids (SS) in final effluent

Reduces filamentous bacteria

Reduces SVIs

Improves settlement

Stabilises plant performance

Reduces aeration costs

Improves biomass quality

Improves nitrification

Reduces fouling of DO probes and other sensors

Reduces blinding of tertiary treatment equipment

Reduces health and safety risks



Circular settlement tank

Rectangular settlement tanks


Aeration pockets and lanes

Oxidation ditches, carousel and annulus tanks