BioAugmentation Wastewater Treatment

Bioaugmentation is the process whereby bacteria and other micro-organisms are dosed into a wastewater treatment plant in order to enhance or restart biological activity.

Does it really work?

The short answer is yes, given the right circumstances.

Bioaugmentation should never be prescribed as a ‘cure-all’ for every ailment afflicating wastewater treatment plants.  Indeed it may not be appropriate in some cases.

Following a careful assessment of recent plant data and other critical factors such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, inhibition or mechanical failure, we will specify an appropriate solution based on our many years of experience. We will help you resolve any of the above issues to ensure that conditions are right for bioaugmentation to get your treatment plant back on its feet.

And the proof?

Take a look at some real-life case studies to see for yourself!

Corgin Service Package

In addition to ready-to-dose products, Corgin offer BioReactors for administering bio-augmentation on your site. Installation and commissioning can often be completed within a few hours.

A Corgin representative will normally visit the site prior to installation to discuss the treatment and its benefits, and to decide on the best BioReactor location and most effective dosing point. Our Nitrification Enhancement Programme breeds nitrifying bacteria in on-site BioReactors, ready for automatic dosing into your plant for rapid plant restarts, recoveries and ongoing nitrification enhancement.

Micronutrient and biological stimulant are also offered for improving the biological performance of your wastewater plant.

Sidestream BioReactors

Sidestream BioReactors are specially designed for propagating an ongoing on-site supply of selected bacteria and/or enzymes. Propagation on site ensures that the bacteria are always in an optimum metabolic state at the time of dosing. BioReactors are easy to install and their relatively small footprint allows flexible positioning on site.

Control System

A control system provides automated activation, dosing and refill cycles. A programmable timer allows the dosing time and frequency to be optimised. System status lights include an under/over temperature warning and a power-cut indicator. Built-in memory allows normal operation following a power cut.

Heat & Oxygen – Vital Ingredients

The BioReactor is maintained at ideal temperatures by a thermostatically-controlled immersion heater. Air diffusers at the bottom of the tank provide aeration and mixing of the biological culture, together enabling rapid growth of desirable bacteria.


A heavy-duty submersible pump, activated by the programmable timer, transfers the culture through pipework to a carefully selected dosing point. This can be at some distance from the BioReactor, if required. Dosing is often timed to coincide with a period of low flow or low load, so as to maximise results.