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Corgin offer a range of Mechanical Aerators for Wastewater Aeration. Mechanical Aeration is a popular, if traditional method of introducing oxygen into water and wastewater.

Mechanical aerators used for wastewater aeration have two main functions: to introduce oxygen by agitation or aspiration, and to provide mixing. Mixing is needed to distribute the air uniformly, and in the case of wastewater treatment to maintain homogeneity of both the pollutants and the micro-organisms that are feeding on them.

Selection Guide

Corgin offer a number of types of mechanical aerator for every application – probably the widest range in the UK.

The oxygen transfer rate and mixing capacity of each mechanical aerator type is dependent on its design and electrical power rating. Each mechanical aerator design employs a different method of introducing oxygen and providing mixing – this should be given due consideration early on in the selection process. You may find our selection guide below useful – click on the links for full details on each product:

Rotex Brush Aerators operate in a similar way to elongated paddle wheels and introduce air at the water surface while inducing a strong horizontal flow. They are ideal for oxidation ditches, carousel and annulus tanks, where directional flow is required at relatively shallow depths.

Vertex Surface Aerators work by using a geared, low-speed surface impeller to draw water up from the bottom of the tank and mix it with air at the surface. They create a strong upward torroidal pattern.

Spiral Aerator aspirators draw air down the hollow shaft of a rotating, helicoid propeller creating an underwater plume of fine bubbles whilst inducing a strong horizontal flow pattern. They are well-suited to oxidation ditches, annular or circular tanks and aeration lanes, and are the aerator of choice for shallow lagoons where the water surface area is relatively large compared to the depth.

HyperClassic Mixer/Aerators have a hyperboloid-shaped impeller which induces a strong downward torroidal flow pattern. Air is introduced below the impeller creating fine bubble aeration that can be controlled completely independently of the mixing. They are ideal for swing zones, load low zones, industrial effluents, deep tanks and SBRs.

Both Vertex Surface Aerators and Spiral Aerators can be float-mounted and are available for hire. Visit our Rapid page for more detail on Corgin’s hire fleet and rapid response to environmental emergencies.