Corgin saves the World Wide Web

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Friday 22 July 2016
Gavin Carvell

Have you ever considered what goes into keeping your internet running?  Or what makes it possible for you to relax in the sun, browsing the World Wide Web on your smartphone?

As a result of temperatures exceeding 30°C in 2015, a large server hosting company, hosting some of the most visited websites in the world, installed one of Corgin’s AtomisterHydro systems to prevent their air-conditioning units from overheating.

And on Tuesday 19th July 2016, as supermarkets sold out of ice creams and bottled water, Corgin’s system chilled the servers’ cooling system with a fine mist of cool water.

However, the threat of overheating began to return as thermometers soared to 33°C and the AtomisterHydro Eco control panel alerted the customer of potential pressure loss. Failure was just not an option…

Truly thankful for their foresight in taking out a CarePlan maintenance package a few weeks earlier – which included an emergency engineer call-out at no extra charge – the customer got straight on the phone to Corgin:

05:18pm  Customer called Corgin. Got voicemail as switchboard closed at 5:00pm.

05:18pm  Corgin noticed call come in and looked up phone number on system. Realised call was probably of critical nature due to the intense heat and the potentially disastrous effect it could have on the customer’s servers.

05:19pm  Corgin returned customer’s call. Got voicemail. Sent email to the customer with Corgin’s out of hours’ emergency number.

05:29pm  Customer called back. Corgin went through troubleshooting over the phone in order to identify exact issue. Established that the misting system’s pump required replacement seals, so arranged for an engineer to be on site to carry out the repair the following day.

06:24pm  Customer phoned again to request an immediate engineer call-out to repair the pump, due to the surmounting risk of their air-conditioning units overheating.

07:15pm  Corgin MD returned to the office to collect the necessary parts.  Travelled an hour to meet up with the Corgin engineer to hand over the parts.

09:30pm  Corgin engineer attended site to repair the pump. Took decision to replace the whole pump to be completely safe.  

11:00pm  AtomisterHydro system restored to full working order and customer able to sleep in peace! The customer wasn’t able to thank Corgin enough: ‘Thank you very, very, very, very, very much for your help – excellent service!’

12:00am  Corgin engineer left site, after monitoring the system for an hour to ensure that everything was operating satisfactorily.

Corgin are now in discussions with the customer about purchasing an AtomisterHydro Premier control panel that comes with a 24/7 automatic time and pump temperature protection as standard.