Wastewater Bio Stimulant

‘Switch On’

Our ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant is a blend of biological stimulants and micronutrients that promote the rapid growth of naturally-occurring facultative bacteria in liquid waste, without producing odorous by-products. It helps to ‘switch on’ biological treatment processes that are languishing.

Unique Formula

The concentrated formulation consists of a natural, non-toxic and biodegradable blend of amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, purines, pyrimidines, and complex organic extracts. Deficiencies of these micronutrients are particularly common in industrial effluents and can adversely affect plant performance. ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant does not employ enzymes, bacteria or hazardous chemicals.

Root Cause

Although effective in both aerobic and anaerobic environments, in the latter Corgin’s ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant works to promote the rapid growth of facultative bacteria which quickly outcompete odour-producing anaerobic bacteria. Facultative bacteria do not produce odorous sulphides (‘rotten egg gas’) as do anaerobic bacteria. By getting at the root cause, the application of our ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant works quickly to reduce odours from wastewater and sludge.

Proven Performance

Corgin’s ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant performance is confirmed by substantive test results. One such test was carried out on high strength industrial wastewater with the objective of improving treatment efficiency by increasing microbial activity. Respirometric analysis indicated that at a dosing rate of 20 ppm, the product more than doubled the oxygen uptake rate. Other tests at the same dosing rate increased BOD removal by 30%. Similar results have been obtained in both aerobic and anaerobic tests.


The dosage rate for our ReVive Wastewater is typically between 5-50 ppm of influent flow, depending on the organic loading of the wastewater. Thorough mixing with the wastewater is necessary for best results. This can be achieved by dosing into the influent stream, or by topical spray application to the wastewater surface, preferably assisted by mechanical mixing. The recommended dosage rate for each application can be prescribed by Corgin, as it will depend on the wastewater volume, retention time, organic loading and treatment objectives.

Safe to Use

Corgin’s ReVive Wastewater bio-stimulant is non-hazardous and non-toxic, and as a natural and biodegradable product, is essentially harmless to humans and the environment.


Where is MNS wastewater bio-stimulant used?

Why is it selected?


Lagoons and ponds

Stimulates biological activity

Leachate from compost or solid waste

Controls noxious odours

Livestock slurry

Reduces BOD5, COD and ammonia levels

Domestic wastewater

Natural, non-toxic and biodegradable

Food processing effluent

Assists plant start-ups and re-seeds

Pulp & paper industry effluent

Improves treatment efficiency

Petrochemical effluent

Improves final effluent quality

Other industrial effluent

Reduces sulphide production

All biological treatment processes

Effective & long lasting