Compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil Fuel (HVO).

OdourScreen - Towable Odour Control

Back in 2006, typical of Corgin’s problem-solving approach, we realised that there was a growing need for wide-coverage mobile dust and odour suppression systems. So, we created the solution:

The OdourScreen.

The Ultimate…

The OdourScreen provides you with the ultimate mobile dust and odour suppression system. It is particularly suited to outdoor sites where it can be deployed rapidly to treat emergency issues, or where constantly changing site activities or wind direction require an easily relocatable system.

Excellent Coverage

The OdourScreen has the same base as the AtomisterHydro Mobile, along with a telescopic boom which extends to a width of 12m and rises 3m high. The OdourScreen has a number of key benefits over other mobile odour suppression units in the marketplace. It works by creating a wide curtain or blanket of finely-atomised mist spray. It can be used as a stand-alone, self-contained unit close to outdoor odour sources such as stockpiles or machinery, or at emission points such as doorways. This gives excellent ‘targeted’ coverage.

The OdourScreen provides many of the same benefits as the AtomisterHydro Mobile, but is quicker to set up, and can operate continuously for up to 16 hours at a time.

In conjunction with Corgin’s odour absorbing and neutralising consumables, the OdourScreen delivers an exceptionally wide curtain of finely-atomised spray to treat site odour and dust emissions before they give cause for complaint.

Ready and Waiting

OdourScreen units are readily available from our hire fleet for rapid deployment to your site in the event of odour issues, or alternatively they can be purchased new for longer-term requirements.


As with the AtomisterHydro Mobile, it can also be used to supply an AtomisterHydro nozzle line of up to 300m long for perimeter coverage; and can be supplied with a pressure washer lance for washdown of equipment with odour neutraliser, and FoamLance for application of odour and dust-suppressing foam cover.

Features & Benefits

12m wide telescopic boom, fitted with 12 stainless steel nozzles To administer a wide ‘curtain’ of odour suppression treatment
1100 litre capacity tank For extended operation without a water supply
Electric-start diesel engine with pump For operation independently of electricity supply
Quick-connect outlet for AtomisterHydro nozzle line If required to extend treatment coverage
Quick-connect outlet for connection to pressure washer lance or FoamLance For washdown or application of foam cover
Highway-specification trailer chassis For durability and for road-towing if required



Where is the OdourScreen used?

Why is it selected?


Temporary requirements

Easy relocation for changing site requirements

Moving odour and dust sources

Provides dense coverage across 12m

Outdoor sites

Coverage can be extended to meet site requirements


Can be fully operational within minutes

Waste transfer stations (WTS)

Completely self-contained

Land remediation