Offensive dust and odours are a by-product of many waste handling, wastewater treatment and industrial processes and can sour relations with customers, staff and neighbours. Complaints can lead to prosecution by the Environment Agency or Local Authorities and even to site closure under the Environmental Protection Act and Environmental Permitting Regulations. Tackling dust and odour issues in an effective and sustained way is crucial to maintaining your company image and ensuring your site’s viability.

Dust Suppression & Odour Control

With Corgin you can outsource your dust suppression and odour control requirements with confidence. We have the technology, the systems, the service capability and the support team to keep these by-products of your operation under control, and out of your mind.

We offer odour control and dust suppression solutions for waste transfer stations, food processing plants, landfill, ports, recycling centres, mines, quarries, etc.

Find out more about dust suppression here.

FrostAlert Forecast Tool

We recognise that for anyone with water systems, such as odour or dust suppression systems, frost and freezing temperatures represent an inherent risk during the winter months, particularly in exposed environments. Failure to drain down equipment adequately can lead to expensive repairs and call-outs. Our Advisory Frost Protection Measures will help you to avoid this, but now we are pleased to give you an additional free frost alert tool: FrostAlert!

Click on the image below to subscribe to our email alerts or visit the webpage to review the current frost forecast.

FrostAlert - a unique frost forecasting tool