Landox - Wastewater Flow Boosters & Inducers 

Unique Design

Landox flow boosters are designed to provide horizontal flow propulsion in carousel and oxidation ditch lanes. They consist of a vertical-shaft with 16 radially-mounted fins suspended from a platform-mounted drive.

No Dead Zones

These flow boosters induce uniform laminar flow at all depths, encouraging true plug flow characteristics and minimising velocity gradients, stratification and dead zones. Their slow, powerful rotation and position at the lane turning point, makes them one of the most effective and efficient flow boosters available.

Nutrient Removal

The Landox flow booster system can be retrofitted to existing ditches and is particularly suitable for biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Subject to a suitable process design, removal efficiencies of up to 90% for total nitrogen and 60% for total phosphorus can be achieved without the use of chemicals.


Where are Landox Flow Inducers used?

Why are they selected?


Oxidation ditches

To prevent 'dead' zones


Energy-efficient flow propulsion

Serpentine arrangements

To enhance FBDA efficiency


Nutrient removal