Rapid Rental Rises as Rainfall Reduces

Posted by Bradley Gilliland on Thursday 18 May 2017
Bradley Gilliland

Corgin continues to invest heavily in building up their Rapid hire fleet in response to unprecedented demand.

Recent weeks have seen Corgin invest in some 30 new mobile dust suppression units for their expanding hire fleet.  This includes the ever-popular MistCannon Range - including the Integral, Ranger and Rover - and the versatile DustLayer.

Bruce Bricknell of Corgin commented: "In line with our Rapid hire brand promise of 'Right, on time', we aim always to have what our clients need, when they need it.  Not only does this require continuous investment in our hire fleet, but it also brings out amazing dedication on the part of the Corgin team. We deal daily with some of the UK's most challenging outdoor dust issues and it is exceptionally rewarding to be part of the many success stories out there!"

High demand is being driven by consistently below-average rainfall over the last 6 months, which together with warm, sunny weather in recent weeks, has caused very much drier (and dustier) conditions across the UK than would be normal for this time of year. Corgin's mobile dust suppression equipment significantly reduces the risks associated with silica dust (RCS) which can otherwise be increased in dry conditions like this.