Why go mobile?

Corgin’s modern range of mobile dust and odour suppression equipment ensures that no area on your site is untreatable.

Mobile units are ideal for temporary or emergency dust suppression or odour control compliance issues. They can be deployed rapidly, and once on site, have a set up time of as little as 2 minutes. The hire option means that capital outlay can be avoided for temporary or short-term requirements. As all of our trailer-mounted mobile units are completely self-contained, operating on sites with no power and/or water supply poses no problem. They are also easily relocatable, meaning that as site requirements change, so can the location of the unit. Naturally, Corgin’s range of dust suppressants, odour neutralisers and insecticides are fully compatible with all of our mobile units.


Corgin’s trailer-mounted mobile units have quick-release couplings to allow the easy attachment of ancillaries such as a pressure washer lance or FoamLance. Both can be hired or purchased from Corgin.

The FoamLance is excellent for applying instant foam cover for dust and odour suppression requirements. Corgin’s range of foam cover products includes FoamCap, OdourCap, FlyCap and ReVive Biowaste for Solid Waste.

The pressure washer lance can be used for washdown and deodorisation of equipment, vehicles and surfaces.


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FrostAlert Forecast Tool

We recognise that for anyone with water systems, such as odour or dust suppression systems, frost and freezing temperatures represent an inherent risk during the winter months, particularly in exposed environments. Failure to drain down equipment adequately can lead to expensive repairs and call-outs. Our Advisory Frost Protection Measures will help you to avoid this, but now we are pleased to give you an additional free frost alert tool: FrostAlert!

Click on the image below to subscribe to our email alerts or visit the webpage to review the current frost forecast.

FrostAlert - a unique frost forecasting tool