odour suppression Testimonials

"Very professional approach"

A testimonial received from a client who purchased an AtomisterAiro system for odour suppression

"Very professional approach by site team.  Good HSE systems in place."

[Waste Transfer Station, Galashiels]

Dramatic Reduction in Odours Detectable

Food By-Products Odour Suppression: AtomisterAiro

Email testimonial received from client:

"I'd like to tell you how pleased we are with the [AtomisterAiro] odour control system you installed for us in the 'Black Gut' room here.

In 2006, concerns were raised that odours produced at our pork processing plant were causing nuisance to our neighbours. After an initial assessment by an environmental consultant, Corgin were asked to quote for an odour control system to treat these odours.

It was felt that the main source of offensive odours was the Black Gut treatment room; consequently, a trial was initiated using a Corgin air-atomising odour control system. Some of the nozzles were sprayed directly into the extraction ductwork, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the odours detectable downwind of the source.

The system was permanently installed, but required re-installation when the roof and extraction system were replaced in late 2007.

We experienced odour complaints on a few occasions, but we were able to link these to times when the odour control system was not switched on for various reasons. As a result, the controls for the odour control system were linked into the extraction system to ensure that odour control was always provided when odours were being released from the building. Regular visits by your engineers ensure the system is maintained, and it has operated effectively to date.

We are also looking at the new system you have perfected and trialled on our container trucks that seals in the odour, looking at it with the technical team and slaughter line manager this system looks very promising.

We are happy to recommend your services to others, and thank you for your help in providing this solution.

Best Regards,


[Process Engineering Supervisor, Abbatoir, Yorkshire]