Runs Smoothly in the Background Without Any Problems

Posted on Tuesday 5 September 2017

Waste Recycling Facility Odour & Insect Suppression: AtomisterAiro

Email testimonial received from client:

"Hello Giles,

My site smells great, from the moment the system was installed and switched on, our site has never smelt better. It causes no inconvenience to us here at Biffa, once initially set up it has been very reliable and runs smoothly in the background without any problems. We also use the system to do our fly knock-down once a month and guess what? Easy to use, and works a treat.

Thanks again for your on-going service even after the sale has been made; very professional and we look forward to future dealings with Corgin.

Kind Regards


[Electrical Technician, Recycling Company, West Sussex]