dust suppression Testimonials

Thank You for All the Work that Your Team Have Done

An email testimonial received from a client who purchased an AtomisterAiro system for dust suppression at a bricklaying skills centre.

"Good afternoon both,

This is just a quick email to say thank you for all the work that your team have done with the [AtomisterAiro] system.

The guys that came out on site to fit the system were great and worked well, and the system works great.

Again thank you for your help.

Kind Regards,


[Site Support Co-ordinator, Bricklaying Skills Centre, Midlands]

Everything Has Gone Well

An email testimonial received from a client who hired a MistCannon Ranger for dust suppression during demolition

"Hello Roslyn,

Everything has gone well: delivery on time, the professionalism of your company, staff down to the delivery guy can only be commended - even my Harriet has said it is pleasure dealing with a company that knows what they are doing. I hadn’t looked at operators manual to be honest as delivery guy had explained everything.

Regards and well done."

[Managing Director, Clearance of a Fire-Damaged Warehouse, Telford]

"Effective Perimeter Dust Suppression"

A Facebook testimonial received from a client who hired a DustLayer for a demolition site

"Effective perimeter dust suppression supplied by Corgin Ltd.  The system also benefits from a jetwash and would also work well in isolated areas when crushing etc."

[Site Foreman, Demolition Site, Nottinghamshire]

A Cost-Effective Solution to a Potentially 'Job-Stopping' Problem

Recycling Project Dust Suppression: DustLayer

Extract from email testimonial received from client:

"Hello, please find attached our reference for you.
We were approached by the new landlord of an industrial estate, to empty two warehouse units of shredded plasterboard that had been left there by the previous tenants. Upon inspection, the scale of the job became apparent.  This was not a simple few skips worth but closer to 10,000 tonne. As the adjoining units were still in use, it would take not only our experience in bulk waste removal to carry out the job, but an expert on keeping the dust nuisance to a minimum.

This is where Corgin came in.

After a couple of lengthy phone calls, we arranged to meet on site to look at how we could carry out the job with the minimum interference from the dust suppression units. As we would be moving through two units, we needed a mobile solution. It couldn't have a fan on it as this would kick up the dust creating another problem and we needed to control the flow to prevent material that wasn't being moved straight away from heating and self-combusting.

Corgin's solution was to provide two [DustLayer] units. Each was fitted with a mast that was high enough to spray water over the top of the articulated bulkers we were using to move the plasterboard in. The pressure could be regulated and the units were easy to move around the working area. The units proved to be a success with the machine drivers as they delivered enough water to the board to keep the dust down while loading. Vision was not impaired and as a result, there were no incidents or accidents on the whole project.

While the Environment Agency were involved from the start, a surprise inspection midway through the 3-week project provided them with comfort knowing that the right people had been chosen for the job.  As soon as they saw the dust suppression units covering the working area with a fine spray, they knew that problems arising from the dust would be kept to a minimum.

Late on Friday afternoon, one of the units would not start. A quick call to Corgin head office had a service engineer out within half an hour. He arranged for the unit to be collected first thing Monday morning. While this was being arranged, a new engine was couriered up to him and the full unit was back on site and fully operational before 10am Tuesday morning.

Working with Corgin has been a pleasure, from the initial phone call right through to the end of this project. They have been on the end of the phone whenever we needed help and provided us with a cost effective solution to a potentially 'job stopping' problem.

Thank you Giles, Colin, Carlton and all at Corgin for all your help, and I look forward to working with you in the future.


[HSE Manager, Recycling Company, Yorkshire]