demolition Testimonials

Everything Has Gone Well

An email testimonial received from a client who hired a MistCannon Ranger for dust suppression during demolition

"Hello Roslyn,

Everything has gone well: delivery on time, the professionalism of your company, staff down to the delivery guy can only be commended - even my Harriet has said it is pleasure dealing with a company that knows what they are doing. I hadn’t looked at operators manual to be honest as delivery guy had explained everything.

Regards and well done."

[Managing Director, Clearance of a Fire-Damaged Warehouse, Telford]

"Effective Perimeter Dust Suppression"

A Facebook testimonial received from a client who hired a DustLayer for a demolition site

"Effective perimeter dust suppression supplied by Corgin Ltd.  The system also benefits from a jetwash and would also work well in isolated areas when crushing etc."

[Site Foreman, Demolition Site, Nottinghamshire]