SaniSprayer - Mobile Spray Equipment for Large-Scale Disinfection

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Friday 17 April 2020
Gavin Carvell

The SaniSprayer is a mobile sanitising unit derived from our popular DustLayer mobile dust suppression unit. It was developed during the coronavirus crisis for faster and safer sanitisation of large surface areas and touch points at work premises, public buildings, pedestrian precincts, recreational areas, construction sites, schools and other areas with high transmission risk. It is especially useful where power and water are not readily available.


Reduces health and safety risks

  • Designed for faster and safer, non-contact disinfection regime
  • Self-contained, towable unit with on-board power and water supply, avoiding the need for trailing power cables and hoses
  • Easily deployed, allowing rapid response to issues as they arise

Saves operating and investment costs

  • Towable for rapid relocation and set-up, saving operator time and minimising the number of units required
  • Multiple attachments, maximising the return on your investment – indoor misting gun, pressure washer, roadway sprayer and overhead sprayer
  • Available for UK hire, saving you the cost of capital investment for infrequent or short-term requirements


  • Highway tow trailer
  • Integrated 1,100 litre tank
  • Diesel engine driven pump
  • Pressure washing kit
  • Indoor misting gun option
  • Multi-function pressure washer nozzle option
  • Roadway sprayer option
  • Overhead sprayer option

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