Hillhead 2018 [Video]

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Tuesday 10 July 2018
Gavin Carvell

If nothing else, Hillhead 2018 will be remembered for its cloudless skies, unbroken sunshine, and high temperatures—surely the best weather the Hillhead show has been blessed with in its illustrious history! As it happened though, there is quite a lot else by which the show will be remembered: the unique if slightly weird ‘Man Engine’ demonstrations, for instance. A record number of visitors (19,687) and exhibitors (527). An abundance of free food, beer, footballs and every other business gift under the blazing sun. Then there were Corgin’s dust suppression demonstrations.

We demonstrated our MistCannon Integral and DustLayer as we have done previously and this year for the first time, we also showed off our MistCannon Ranger, which is the newest addition to our MistCannon family. Meanwhile at Stand W9 we had an AtomisterAiro nozzle running, along with a display of our Odour Neutraliser consumables.

But the really exciting star of Corgin’s show this time was our new, innovative DustLess dust suppressant. A 40-metre section of the aisle close to Stand W9 was treated with this product some three weeks prior to the event; it proved its incredible durability by surviving not only the rigours of the event construction phase, but also unnecessary heavy watering by the site bowser that was conducting its conventional means of dust suppression of the entire site. DustLess is designed to eliminate such continuous watering of traffic areas, such that the effects of a single application will last up to 9 months! Needless to say, especially given the current spell of prolonged dry weather and looming water shortages in some areas, this product has generated considerable interest. During the show week we airfreighted in more supplies from the factory in USA to help fulfil existing orders urgently and since then, a further container load of product has been ordered in a bid to keep abreast of burgeoning demand.

Watch the video below to see the action or find out more about the Hillhead exhibition here.