SubZero Antifreeze

In most circumstances, Corgin's Atomister systems and mobile suppression equipment such as MistCannon and DustLayer will operate effectively in ambient air temperatures as low as 2°C.

However, in order to operate effectively at temperatures below this, the water or product being sprayed must be prevented from freezing.  Adequate insulation and/or heat tracing can help to prevent freezing in pumps, hoses and pipework, but this is not always adequate to allow effective treatment to continue at sub-zero temperatures, as the water mist may form ice crystals upon contact with the freezing air.

It is therefore recommended to dose SubZero, a safe-to-use antifreeze fluid, into the equipment's water pipework.  Where installed Atomister systems are concerned, Corgin can retrofit a proportional dosing system to the existing control panel (Premier spec only) to ensure reliable and consistent dosing.

The dosing system can be thermostatically controlled to initiate dosing when the ambient air temperature falls below a predetermined level, e.g. +2°C.  The dose rate can be set to afford an adequate level of protection to the system according to prevailing conditions.

As a general guide, we suggest the following dosing rates for SubZero Antifreeze:

Ambient air temperature ranging from +2°C to -2°C

Dosing rate: 10% volume to volume

Ambient air temperature ranging from -2°C to -5°C

Dosing rate: 15% volume to volume

Ambient air temperature ranging from -5°C to -10°C

Dosing rate: 25% volume to volume

Ambient air temperature ranging from -10°C to -15°C

Dosing rate: 33% volume to volume

Corgin's SubZero Antifreeze has been specially selected for its suitability for use in suppression systems and is offered in 25ℓ drums and 1000ℓ IBCs.

SubZero is generally available from stock for immediate despatch but as with any seasonally-required product, demand can sky-rocket at certain times!  Call us now on 01785 229300, or get in touch to check current price and availability.

FrostAlert Forecast

Is it going to freeze tonight? Do I need to dose my dust and odour suppression system with SubZero Antifreeze? No doubt these questions have been through your mind...

We recognise that for anyone with a Corgin dust and odour suppression system, frost and freezing temperatures represent an inherent risk during the winter months, particularly in exposed environments. Failure to adequately dose SubZero Antifreeze into your dust and odour suppression system can lead to expensive repairs and call-outs. We are now pleased to give you an additional free tool: FrostAlert.

Given the changeable nature of the British climate, it is not uncommon for a sharp overnight frost to arrive ‘out of the blue’ and this is often where people are caught out.

The FrostAlert forecast gives notice of potential freezing conditions in any given UK region. The regional risk levels are reviewed daily throughout the winter.

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