Bruce Bricknell

Managing Director

We have been blessed with an amazing team here at Corgin.

It is hard to capture in words what we enjoy here every day. There is an incredibly unselfish team spirit, a happy and positive atmosphere, an unwavering desire to please, an amazing tenacity and ‘can-do’ attitude, an incredible spectrum of knowledge and experience, plenty of creative genius, an admirable work ethic and a constant drive to improve!

Corgin has a personality. It is not my personality, nor is it the personality of any one member of the team. It is the Corgin team personality, the culture, that everyone that works here so enjoys being part of. Take a look at what others of the team say if you still need convincing!

So, thank you everyone! It is my privilege to work with you all and to share your successes and support you in your challenges.

And to all of our wonderful clients, I really do trust that you feel part of the team too!