We'll Miss You Cheryl!

Posted by Roslyn Bricknell on Thursday 10 August 2017
Roslyn Bricknell

After 5 years of dedication and hard work, Cheryl Bricknell, previously responsible for Customer Care and Operations Administration, has left Corgin to get married.

During her time at Corgin, Cheryl gained the respect of both clients and colleagues for her helpful and efficient manner. Some of Cheryl's major achievements at Corgin include customising and launching a new CRM system, administering a large number of CarePlan aftersales service packages and bringing to fruition a new project management system. Cheryl's absence will certainly leave a hole in the Corgin team!

We'll miss you Cheryl

At a farewell event, Bruce commented: "This is a bittersweet goodbye! Bitter because we will all seriously miss Cheryl and her significant contribution to the team’s success. Sweet because she is moving on to better things and we wish her all the best in her new life."

Staff and friends prepared an amazing array of food and farewell gifts as a token of their gratitude to Cheryl's contribution.

For our client's peace of mind, Cheryl's workload will be shared around the ever-growing Corgin Team, including two new administrators who will help with Operations, CarePlan and Customer Care. Emails sent to Cheryl's email address will be received and dealt with by the relevant person.

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