We're Not Exactly Landing a Man on The Moon, but We Can Still Have a Great Mission!

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Wednesday 14 August 2019
Gavin Carvell

With an ever-growing suggestion box, full of new ideas such as new products and new processes from the team here at Corgin, there are times when you have to take the hard decision to run with one idea and not another. But what guides you in this decision? What provides the overall strategic direction and alignment necessary for sound decision-making?

Many of the team have felt the need recently for a Company Mission that gives greater clarity to what we do and gives direction when we come to a fork in the road.

So, after gathering loads of ideas from our enthusiastic team we asked everyone to vote on what they felt was most important to them - why do they come into work every day?

After much sifting, grouping and prioritising we could see emerging from the multitude of ideas a common theme, a common few words.

It was clear that the team were passionate about making things as easy as possible for our customers, suppliers and colleagues alike. We also wanted to deal with people who are responsible - those who care about the environment, and others' health and safety. And we all agreed that our end goal is clean water, clean air.

A few final options were put to the team and we agreed unanimously on our new Mission:

Making it easier for those who care about clean water and clean air

This simple but powerful mission statement will provide us with clear strategic direction and be an excellent basis for future planning, goal setting and prioritisation.

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Our Mission Is: Making It Easier for Those Who Care About Clean Water and Clean Air