Waking to the First Frost

Posted by Giles Bennett on Thursday 16 November 2017
Giles Bennett

Many of us awoke to the first frost of the season earlier this week  a timely reminder that once again Winter is only just around the corner.

As those of you who are custodians of water-based suppression systems well know, cold weather brings with it a few challenges. One of the most common issues is frost damage to exposed water pipework.

To help you, we are once again making available Advisory Frost Protection Measures with proactive steps to safeguard your suppression system against damage from freezing. These useful guides have been updated to include new products for 2017, such as MistCannon Rover, MistCannon Ranger and AtomisterHyflo.

It may be hard to avoid numb fingers and toes in the months ahead – but don’t let your senses be numbed to the potential risk of frost damage to your system in freezing weather conditions! Take action today – while Autumn lingers on – and download our Advisory Frost Protection Measures.


P.S. We also have an exciting new free tool available for the first time this year: FrostAlert. Save the link to check daily whether or not the risk of frost is forecast for your region!