Ready for Anything

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Wednesday 31 July 2013
Gavin Carvell

Today, Corgin delivered a brand new OdourScreen complete with FoamLance and pressure washer, as a necessary addition to the armoury of a large UK water utility company. The OdourScreen will be on emergency stand-by, ready to deal quickly with odour issues as they arise. Often these applications are in remote areas, so the OdourScreen’s self contained and self-powered features are essential. Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine, it will last for over 8 hours without attention, when it will be re-fuelled, re-filled with water and odour neutraliser and ready again for action!

Often deployed in dirty and smelly areas, once its duties are executed the OdourScreen can be washed down using the high pressure hose attached, ready for towing to its next assignment.

Should there be a confined area of exceptionally odourous liquid or sludge, this can quickly be capped using the FoamLance and our OdourCap, giving an immediate knock-down of odour whilst the OdourScreen nozzles are deployed as necessary. This may include addition of up to 180 nozzles at 2 metre spacings, to enclose a large area, and either supplement or replace the 12 nozzles mounted on the OdourScreen boom.

The enthusiasm of the staff was barely concealed, as they looked forward expectantly to their next odour complaint!