The Odour is Under Control With This System in Place

Posted on Tuesday 5 September 2017

Wastewater Treatment Works Odour Suppression: AtomisterHydro

Extract from email exchange forwarded by client:

Edmund to Keith: "Keith, How are you finding the odour control on the storm tanks at Barrow?  I was speaking to Andy Kendall yesterday and I understand that there has been no smell complaints. Have you noticed a difference on site?  How are the supplies of chemical lasting? Do you need more chemical ordered?"

Keith to Edmund: "Hello Edmund. The odour from the storm tank area is under control with this system in place and a regular wash out procedure.

We have enough chemical on site for a further three weeks, so we may need a little bit more to cover completion of the new work if it runs into October.



[Contacts from Wastewater Company, Cumbria]