Waterless. DustLess. [Full Video]

Posted by Giles Bennett on Wednesday 18 April 2018

Dust tracking from unsurfaced roads and other traffic areas is a major challenge for the construction, quarrying and recycling industries in particular. Although snow, ice and mud may have been bigger challenges than dust in recent weeks, we're now at the time of the year when the sun is strong enough to change ground conditions quite quickly, if and when it deigns to make an appearance!

Thankfully, help is at hand and there is an exciting new product here at Corgin to tell you about. We are delighted to be introducing DustLess to the UK market, which in our opinion is the most 'sustainable' dust suppressant available today.

Watch our simple demonstration in the video below; see the stark difference in dust emissions from two tubs of building rubble - one treated with DustLess, one without.

Click here to watch the short version [2:19]

Manufactured in the USA and already in well-established use there and elsewhere around the world, DustLess is designed to be applied directly to the ground in concentrate form (i.e. no water required). Once applied, it absorbs permanently into the surface particles and weighs them down, greatly reducing the all-too-familiar risk of 'fly-away' dust when heavy vehicles move across the surface. DustLess is a clear, odourless and non-toxic fluid, having a unique composition which is completely safe both for the environment and for personnel.

Contact us today to discuss your dust suppression needs and how this product can make a difference on your site!