Odour Suppression Systems

Offensive odours are a by-product of many waste handling, wastewater treatment and industrial processes and can sour relations with customers, staff and neighbours. Complaints can lead to prosecution by the Environment Agency or Local Authorities and even to site closure under the Environmental Protection Act and Environmental Permitting Regulations. Tackling odour issues in an effective and sustained way is crucial to maintaining your company image and ensuring your site’s viability.

Odour Control

With Corgin you can outsource your odour control requirements with confidence. We have the technology, the systems, the service capability and the support team to keep these by-products of your operation under control, and out of your mind.

We offer odour control solutions for waste transfer stations, food processing plants, landfill, ports, recycling centres, mines, quarries, etc.

Typical Odour Suppression Solutions

Installed Odour Suppression Systems - Available For Purchase and Hire

Corgin's installed odour suppression systems are used for permanent and semi-permanent applications where the odour source is relatively static, such as in indoor applications.

Installed systems comprise a control panel which supplies odour suppressant and/or water through a piped network of atomising nozzles. These specialist nozzles are positioned strategically to suppress odours in the most effective way, whether targeted at specific odour emission sources or evenly distributed to provide uniform airspace treatment.  The control panel requires an electrical supply and a water supply, and in the case of AtomisterAiro air-atomising systems, a compressed air supply.  Control panels have many automated and optional features to ensure reliable treatment whilst minimising the need for manual intervention.  Examples are the frost thermostat auto-purge


Localised Mobile Odour Suppression - Available For Hire and Purchase

Corgin's mobile odour suppression units are quick to deploy and relocate, and are ideal for temporary or emergency odour suppression requirements.  Most of our mobile units are completely self-contained, meaning that they can be operated on sites where there is no nearby power or water supply.

The three options below offer either treatment of localised odour sources or treatment at worksite boundaries.


Odour Neutralisers

If you’ve ever come across a decomposing animal carcass in the countryside, you may have noticed that foul odours were not detectable until you were very close to it. Conversely, odours emanating from the same carcass in an urban car park would probably be detected some distance away. This is because in many man-made environments there are no natural deodorisers working to eliminate odours during the natural degradation processes. In nature’s setting, trees, plants and other vegetation produce a vapour of fragrant essential oils with the natural ability to neutralise organic odour molecules. Nature does not necessarily kill bacteria to stop odours; instead, it breaks down the offensive odour molecules themselves, leaving the bacteria to do their work in decomposing the organic matter. Corgin ReFresh products are based on this knowledge. They do not attempt to alter the natural decomposition process, nor to mask odours, but rather enhance nature’s own deodorising process.


Odour Suppression Provider of Choice

With Corgin you will benefit from our in-house expertise and years of experience. We have the products, the service offerings and the support team to keep these by-products of your operation under control, and out of your mind.

With most solutions available for both hire and purchase, you have the ultimate flexibility ensure you get what you need, when you need it, within your financial constraints.

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