Is It Going to Freeze Tonight?

Posted by Giles Bennett on Tuesday 14 November 2017
Giles Bennett

Is it going to freeze tonight? The glorious unpredictability of the British climate is such that we often get caught out by an unexpected sharp frost.

This has implications for most of us to some extent - whether it's just that we go out without hat and gloves and suffer for it with numb extremities, or for the more green-fingered of us, it may be that we forget to bring the plants in from outside and they suffer damage.

But for anyone with water systems in exposed environments such as dust or odour suppression systems, freezing temperatures can have particularly expensive consequences. Pipes, atomisers, pumps and other components can suffer irreparable damage if adequate measures aren't taken ahead of the thermometer dipping below zero. That's why we publish our Advisory Frost Protection Measures each autumn.

Frost Alert - Is it going to freeze tonight?

However, we're always looking to go the extra mile for our customers, so this year we're unveiling a free new web tool: FrostAlert.

We all know we get perpetually bombarded with all kinds of weather forecasts through every media channel, and at times they can appear complicated or even contradictory. So FrostAlert is designed to cut through all the noise and deliver a simple, easy-to-understand daily overview of whether or not it is likely to freeze (and if so, how severely) in any UK region, for tonight and for subsequent nights.

Whether or not you're a Corgin customer or have frost-vulnerable systems, if you're asking 'Is it going to freeze tonight?', then this tool will be useful to you through the cold, dark months ahead!

Frost Alert - Is it going to freeze tonight? - Be prepared...