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Posted by Gavin Carvell on Friday 8 December 2017
Gavin Carvell

With winter now upon us, we don't want you to be caught out.

Earlier this year we launched the new FrostAlert forecast tool which gives notice of potential freezing conditions in any given UK region. The regional risk levels are reviewed daily throughout the winter and you can subscribe to receive a daily email right into your inbox.  You will no longer need to ask the question: 'Is it going to freeze tonight?'

Frost Alert - Is it going to freeze tonight? - Be prepared...

We have also updated our Advisory Frost Protection Measures so that you can ensure you are draining and purging your equipment and systems correctly.


Alternatively, all models of our dust and odour suppression equipment can be dosed with SubZero Antifreeze to enable you to continue to use your equipment during subzero temperatures.

SubZero Antifreeze Protect Your Equipment