The UK's First at Europe's Largest!

Posted by Tori Sellers on Wednesday 15 May 2019
Tori Sellers

A trial of the first UK installation of Corgin’s Scum Skimmer SSR has commenced on a secondary clarifier at Europe’s largest sewage works, Beckton WWTW.

The Scum Skimmer SSR has opposing spiral screws of nearly 1m diameter which float on the clarifier surface and which draw floating wastewater scum into a central hopper. From here a submersible pump pumps the scum out of the system via a designated disposal route.

The Scum Skimmer SSR was developed in 1997 and is in use throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The 1,000-plus installations are proof that the system and technology is the most reliable and effective way to remove scum from any tank or chamber.

Due to the Scum Skimmer SSR's floating design it can be used effectively with varying water levels of up to 500mm. Designed to suit each individual application, they can be used in circular and rectangular tanks, and ducts and channels of all sizes.

Scum of all consistencies and thicknesses can be removed quickly and easily by the submersible scum pump due to an easily-adjustable height setting on the unit's collection hopper.

The Scum Skimmer SSR is driven by a small 0.11kW drive unit and a maintenance-free engineered plastic chain, giving effective scum removal with very little power requirement. Maintenance of the system is low, with weekly visual checks and a 6-monthly scum pump oil change.

The trial at Beckton is set to last 6 months to prove that the technology is just as suitable for the UK wastewater market as it is for the rest of Europe and the world.

For more information on the Scum Skimmer SSR and to discuss a possible application please contact Tori Sellers or visit the Scum Skimmer SSR webpage.