DustAlert Rains Supreme….

Posted by Giles Bennett on Friday 14 June 2019
Giles Bennett

BREAKING NEWS: Since re-launching our DustAlert service on 1st June, we appear to have fixed the UK’s dust problem! We’re not sure how we did it, but no sooner had the daily DustAlert updates begun, the heavens opened and an interminable deluge followed in many parts of the UK. While we are very sympathetic with all those who have suffered disruption and damage due to the flooding, the silver lining to the grey clouds over us has been that dust complaints at least have been conspicuous by their absence…

Going forward, there are tentative signs of an improvement in the weather and, dust problems aside, there may not be too many complaints about that either! To assist you with planning ahead for the control of dust emissions from your operation, we invite you to subscribe to this free service.

As in previous summer seasons, the service will provide a daily ‘dust forecast’ for all UK regions for the next 5 days. The only forecast of its kind freely available online, DustAlert looks at a combination of factors each day for each region, including both recent and forecasted levels of precipitation, sunshine and temperature. By subscribing you will receive a single email update at 07:30 every day, seven days a week until September.

We hope that this web tool is of benefit to you in your constant drive to maintain environmental compliance.

DustAlert Tool - Forecast for dust across the UK