MistCannon With & Without [Video]

Posted by Giles Bennett on Tuesday 26 July 2016
Giles Bennett

A UK steelworks has invested in two MistCannons to assist with dust suppression in a slag-tipping operation. The cannons are positioned inside shipping containers for protection, from where they fire towards each other across a large pit where the slag-tipping takes place.


This video shows the extent of the dust emissions both with and without the MistCannons in operation. As you can see, without any suppression, an impressive dust plume rises from the product as it is tipped, the lift-off exacerbated by its inherent heat.

This operation was causing environmental concern, not least due to the fall-out of tiny graphite flakes called ‘kish’ from the dust cloud, which was causing damage to vehicle paintwork. The video later shows that, with the cannons spraying, the dust plume is significantly reduced in terms of both density and spread.

Acknowledging the success of the project, the client said, “The cannons drastically reduce dust lift-off from the area and reduce the likelihood of PM10s being emitted, all working towards our goal of being a responsible neighbour and sustainable steelmaker.”

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