Dust Suppression HIre

Tackling Dust Emissions

Dust is a by-product of many construction activities or dry bulk solids handling operations and can pose a workforce health hazard, as well as harming relations with staff and neighbours. Complaints can lead to intervention by regulators such as the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive or Local Authorities, and can even lead to site closure under the Environmental Protection Act, the Environmental Permitting Regulations or the Health and Safety at Work Act. Tackling dust issues in an effective and sustained way is crucial to both your site’s viability and your organisation’s sustainability.

Typical Dust Suppression Solutions

Large-Scale Mobile Dust Suppression - Available For Hire and Purchase

Corgin's MistCannon mobile dust suppression units are also quick to deploy and relocate.  With their powerful and multi-directional fans, MistCannons are used for long-range or wide-coverage dust suppression requirements.  Self-contained options include an onboard water tank and a generator.


Localised Mobile Dust Suppression - Available For Hire and Purchase

Corgin's mobile dust suppression units are quick to deploy and relocate, and are ideal for temporary or emergency dust suppression requirements.  Most of our mobile units are completely self-contained, meaning that they can be operated on sites where there is no nearby power or water supply.

The three options below offer either treatment of localised dust sources or treatment at worksite boundaries.


Installed Dust Suppression Systems - Available For Purchase and Hire

Corgin's installed dust suppression systems are used for permanent and semi-permanent applications where the dust source is relatively static, such as in indoor applications.

Installed systems comprise a control panel which supplies dust suppressant and/or water through a piped network of atomising nozzles. These specialist nozzles are positioned strategically to suppress dust in the most effective way, whether targeted at specific dust emission sources or evenly distributed to provide uniform airspace treatment.  The control panel requires an electrical supply and a water supply, and in the case of AtomisterAiro air-atomising systems, a compressed air supply.  Control panels have many automated and optional features to ensure reliable treatment whilst minimising the need for manual intervention.  Examples are the frost thermostat auto-purge.


Dust Suppressants

Topically-applied dust suppressants such as DustLess prevent dust fly away from dust-emitting surfaces and are used an alternative to the continuous reapplication of water to suppress dust.

Corgin offer a number of water additives to enhance water and it's ability to suppress dust.  ReFresh Prime reduces the surface tension of water droplets to increase dust capture rates, and SubZero Antifreeze reduces the risk of water freezing when it it is used for suppressing dust at subzero temperatures.


Dust Suppression Provider of Choice

With Corgin you will benefit from our in-house expertise and years of experience. We have the products, the service offerings and the support team to keep these by-products of your operation under control, and out of your mind.

With most solutions available for both hire and purchase, you have the ultimate flexibility ensure you get what you need, when you need it, within your financial constraints.

Corgin provide dust suppression solutions for construction sites, waste and recycling facilities, ports, manufacturing sites, mines, quarries, etc.

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