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How to Re-engage the Oscillation Gear on a MistCannon Rover/Ranger

Posted by Colin Hutchins on Wednesday 20 September 2017
Colin Hutchins

The oscillation function on MistCannon Rovers and MistCannon Rangers is not intended nor designed to direct the cannon forwards over the tow hitch. When in automatic oscillation mode, the rotation sensor detects the position of the cannon and prevents rotation into the front 90° sector. However, if the rotation sensor is overridden by manually operating the manual direction switch, the oscillation gear will become disengaged if the cannon is rotated beyond its normal limits. This feature is present to prevent internal damage, and for ease of assembly and maintenance.

Tap on or hover over image to see manual operation of the direction switch.



The following videos show a MistCannon Rover with the front cover panel removed to demonstrate this. When the switch direction is reversed, the oscillation gear should re-engage as shown. However, if the MistCannon is not on level ground, gentle pressure on the cannon in the required swivel direction may be needed to assist the re-engagment of the oscillation gear.

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