2016 – A Truly Amazing Year…

Posted by Roslyn Bricknell on Tuesday 13 December 2016
Roslyn Bricknell

2016 has been a truly amazing year for Corgin and our clients! Towards the end of 2015 one of our key suppliers commented: “I see you are aiming high in 2016.” Throughout the year the voices of our clients have echoed just how true this was…


Service at Corgin is rated second to none by our customers, and that’s because the team stay true to Corgin’s core value of “being great to deal with”.

Lee from New Earth attested “Again, excellent service from lovely people”, and at another time affirmed “All good service as usual from ordering to delivering.”

Meanwhile a Support Assistant at Lincolnshire County Council enthused “Wish everyone was this easy to deal with!”


Our clientele love the way our service mirrors our core capability of Rapid: Right, on time.

Veolia Water vouched “Nobody has been as quick as Corgin have been at getting the quotes back.”

“Good service and excellent proposal send-out time” commented a Tarmac Quarry Manager.

The Managing Director of a Plymouth-based port operator stated he was “happy with the contact that Giles made from the beginning, and everything ran very smoothly.”

A Technical Manager at Anglian Water praised the “very quick responses to questions. Much faster and more comprehensive than the alternative supplier.”

The well-known plant and site equipment hire company, Garic, testified that the “service was excellent. Very helpful efficient staff.”


Our clients also love the fact that we have a fleet of hire equipment ready for despatch at any time, with a rapid delivery guaranteed. From initial contact with Corgin to delivery of equipment to site, there is often only 24 hours in it, if that.

A director of a Kent-based skip hire and waste company, expressed her gratitude after a true-to-style Rapid delivery in response to a sudden urgent request for dust suppression. “Thank you for sorting this out so quickly,” she exclaimed.

A Site Operator at Coleman & Co. expressed how he was “very impressed with these DustLayers. Wish I had them a long time ago!” Photos have been taken of the mobile dust suppression units and added to the company’s internal ‘EasyApp’ system, which recommends DustLayers to staff as ‘good practice’ on all of Coleman & Co.’s sites.

“These machines have saved the day,” said a Site Manager at Alan’s Skip Hire. He went on, “I’m very happy with them.”


Corgin’s supply of energy-efficient and low-maintenance equipment, reflecting another of Corgin’s core capabilities Totex: Pays, every time, continues to delight our clients. Totex is all about environmental solutions with the lowest cost of ownership, so it is no wonder!

Heathrow Airport, to whom Corgin have supplied a total of 35 Spiral Aerators, love these “highly versatile, efficient, and reliable machines”. In 7 years, there have been a sum total of “only three failures, all on older machines and motor related.” The Water Services System Specialist went on, “the efficiency of the units has been extremely good”, with the arrangement of the aerators allowing them to “maximise the oxygen transfer”. They are “reliable”, “easy to work on”, and of “high build quality”.


2016 has seen an unprecedented number of new installations, delivered efficiently and effectively.

A Site Operator at United Utilities plc gave us the glowing feedback “Can’t thank you enough for the speed in which you got to site, along with the professionalism and care regarding safety that your engineers took when on site. Very impressed with the conduct of your engineers throughout the installation.”


Corgin’s core values include “applying knowledge with enthusiasm” and “solving your challenges”. We’re here to help you when you need us.

As the Regional Manager of Dawnus Construction put it: “They appear to have a wealth of knowledge in this field and are able to offer various services and technical advice at pre-construction/design stage and during construction for both permanent and temporary systems. They cover nationally. It would be well worth distributing their details to relevant people throughout the business for consideration in the future.”

The Site Supervisor at a Lincolnshire County Council Waste Transfer Station said “I have had dealings with your colleagues by way of telephone call and they are helpful, knowledgeable and professional.”


Last but not least, we believe that saying ‘thank you’ is a very powerful force. So each year we express our appreciation to our clients by distributing world class calendars and other business gifts.

What we’ve discovered is that this expression of gratitude breeds more of the same, helping to make the world a happier place!

We thought we’d share some of the appreciation…

“May I also say a massive thank you for your calendar, especially because the first picture is of a waterfall in Wales, which just happens to be one of my all time favourite places in the world! I shall be keeping the calendar on January for the whole year!”

“As I was leaving yesterday to go to smelly [site name] I was presented with a Christmas gift. Thank you and everyone at Corgin for the present, really appreciated.

Hope you don’t mind but I gave it to Dave the site manager as he has to put up with the smell all day and I kept him late on site yesterday taking odour samples.

Trust everyone at Corgin has a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.”


Corgin aimed high in 2016 and we’re certainly going out on a high note! But we’re not stopping there. We’ll be soaring to new heights in 2017, and taking you with us!

We can’t wait! See you there…