Landslide Victory for Corgin!

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Friday 16 August 2013
Gavin Carvell

On Friday 16th August, Corgin received a call from a key client who have a landfill site in East Anglia. There had been a major landslide at the site, meaning that a large area was going to have to be uncovered in order for the cell to be stabilised again. The inevitable result would be a significant release of odour from the thousands of tonnes of now exposed and putrescing waste. Corgin were required to mobilise quickly with an AtomisterHydro Mobile odour control unit and 200 metres of AtomisterHydro  nozzle line from its hire fleet. The call from the client came at about 09:00, the quote was submitted just after 10:00, the order was received at 11:45, and a Corgin engineer was on the road just after 13:00, complete with all necessary equipment to fulfil the same-day installation of the temporary odour suppression system. Another Corgin ‘rapid response’ project executed successfully!