Hyper-Efficiency [Video]

Posted by Bruce Bricknell on Friday 7 October 2016
Bruce Bricknell

The HyperClassic Mixer is the wastewater mixer of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious sewage treatment works. From New York to Nottingham, Shanghai to Southampton and Kuwait to Kings Lynn, there are more than 10,000 HyperClassics installed worldwide. It therefore come as no surprise that the HyperClassic was selected for mixing 15 anoxic zones at one of London’s largest and best-known sewage works.
The HyperClassic Mixer’s success can largely be attributed to its unique, super-efficient design. The hyperboloid impeller induces a powerful flow exactly where it is needed most – on the tank floor. This radial flow is introduced in the centre of the tank being mixed, ensuring minimal energy input to maintain complete homogenisation. The impeller also imparts a gentle rolling action to this flow, helping to lift stubborn sludge deposits that may have been left there by a previous mixer design. As the saying goes, “new brooms sweep clean” – this is certainly true of HyperClassic Mixers.

HyperClassic Mixer – Torroidal Mixing Effect

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HyperClassic Mixer – Virtual Wall Effect

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There are also process benefits to this unique design. Uniform mixing with no short-circuiting is key to good process performance. And, when installed in series, HyperClassic Mixers create a virtual wall between them – allowing zoning only otherwise achieved with a baffle. This can save a small fortune by reducing the concrete pour.
The HyperClassic Mixer’s astonishing efficiency was evidenced in a recent tender bid for ten HyperClassic Mixers of 0.55kW each, totalling 5.5kW. Two other bids totalled 13.2 kW and 17.6kW respectively. This represents a saving of nearly 60%-70%, or some £10,000/annum. This ultra-low whole life cost bodes well in the wastewater industry where the increasing focus in AMP7 is on totex savings.
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