Helping to Reduce Chronic Coughing And Equine Asthma in Racehorses

Posted by Giles Bennett on Tuesday 17 May 2022
Giles Bennett

Recycled carpet has become increasingly popular for racehorse gallops and riding arenas due to its superior cushioning effect.  However, dust is an unwanted by-product, especially during dry weather.  This can contribute to racehorse health issues, such as equine asthma, as the horses inhale the dust-laden area kicked up from the gallops and arenas.

Last year, Emma Lavelle became the first person, to our knowledge, to trial our exclusive DustLess dust suppressant fluid in an equestrian application in the UK.

Emma is a well-known and respected racing horse trainer based near Marlborough in the beautiful rolling Wiltshire landscape. Watch the interview with Emma below as she she explains how they used DustLess in their gallop to control the recycled carpet dust in order to protect the health of their horses.



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