Showcasing Dust Suppression at the ClayTech UK 2022 Event

Posted by Jed Carvell on Tuesday 29 November 2022

On Thursday 24th November, Corgin attended the ClayTech UK 2022 Event in Nottinghamshire. This event focuses on those involved in handling clay in their operations, such as brick manufacturers.

We were showcasing our installed dust suppression systems, which are frequently used to reduce airborne dust and minimise the associated health and safety risks, such as silicosis. We had an AtomisterAiro demo unit and our diverse range of dust suppression solutions on the stand, which was useful to demonstrate our air-atomising technology.

The AtomisterAiro system has a number of benefits in environments that handle clay:

  1. The use of compressed air breaks up the water into an ultra-fine mist, increasing its ability to capture the most hazardous microscopic dust particles and minimising the amount of water used
  2. The nozzles have an anti-drip feature which reduces the likelihood of dripping and reduces the slip hazards common with wet clay.
  3. The nozzles can be positioned individually to target the dust at source and to avoid the excessive wetting typical of many traditional dust suppression systems, which is often a challenge when a traditional ‘broad brush’ approach is taken.

Overall, it was a great day with lots of progressive conversations. It is encouraging to see an increasing awareness of silica-related risks and a desire to improve working conditions in the industry.