Corgin Found Amongst the Cream…

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Wednesday 17 July 2013
Gavin Carvell

Investment was needed at a dairy in the South West in order to upgrade their wastewater treatment assets which were literally falling to bits. Corgin’s solution won the day in the customer’s selection process, resulting in the award of the supply, installation and commissioning of a new Rotex Brush Aerator. Impressed by Corgin’s performance, the customer further awarded Corgin a contract to supply temporary aeration equipment for the duration of the works. This gave Corgin the opportunity to showcase two of their strongest capabilities:

Totex: environmental solutions with the lowest cost of ownership. The Rotex Brush Aerator is the most efficient in its class and has yielded very significant energy savings for the dairy since installation.

Rapid: rapid response to environmental emergencies. Temporary hire aerators were deployed to ensure that oxygen levels were maintained throughout the upgrade. A floating Vertex Surface Aerator and Spiral Aerator were deployed effectively at short notice.